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    How Much Does Augmented Reality Virtual Reality App Development Cost

    How Much Does Augmented Reality Virtual Reality App Development Cost?

    Amit Shukla

    Augmented reality and virtual reality application technology are one of the major ground-breaking advancements which will surpass the revenue by $65 billion by the year 2023. In most cases, we think that reality and augmented reality are only made for gaming purposes. This is one of the major mistakes most of us do due to the lack of proper knowledge.

    Various businesses including start-ups and enterprises are embracing this useful technology to offer streamlined efficiency. This particular technology can increase productivity along with improvement in customer satisfaction. Although every business needs to implement all the opportunities which could enable them to progress further with ease.

    While the companies are completely interested in developing virtual reality or augmented reality applications but they are questioning the practical implementation. It is important to choose the appropriate who will provide you with proper recommendations and guidance throughout the process. Not only that they will ensure you with all the answers required for progressing into this immersive technology, by clearing out all the queries along with the progress.

    The most important question which comes to mind in case you are thinking about developing an augmented reality or virtual reality app is the cost of the development. With the introduction of the VR and AR app development process, there is a large number of industry verticals opened up for advancement in the business.

    In case you were looking for the air app development process or if you are having an idea it is recommended to understand the cost of app development before getting on board. This will ensure the proper development as it needs to be fit for your budget and the timeline which you are required for your business. Although there is no exact estimation to predict the cost of development of an augmented reality app.

    Although we can give you a range of the development cost ranging between $10,000 to $300,000. It is entirely depending on the tight timeline which is required to finish the application. Although we will help you to properly calculate the development of VR and AR mobile apps which is depending on various factors.

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    Exclusive Factors to Determine VR-AR App Development Time:

    1. Project Type:

    AR Development Cost Based on Project Type

    We need to understand that any app which it needs to have fewer features will require less effort hence it is much easier to develop. Although the applications with custom functionalities need to have special features which is why they are expensive. We need to properly understand the complexities which will affect the augmented reality app development time.

    • Simple MVP App:

    The applications will help in getting connected with the target audience in a quick and engaging factor. Most of the cases there are small in size with user-friendly and intuitive functionality. They’re mostly about visualizing the proper vision which none of them has seen before. Most of the air apps are having various models onboard which includes various basic moves including taking a snapshot, rotating, piling 3D models, etc.

    Designing & Wireframing 15+ Hours
    Programming 40+ Hours
    Employing 3D Models Mostly one hour and 30 minutes entirely depending on the number of the models and the source format
    Final Publishing In-Store  

    AR Development Cost Based on Project Type

    • Custom AR App:

    Personalized augmented reality experiences by adding various diverse features into the app. All the features are completely based on the requirement of the business such as taking a photo, choosing an item, visualizing the item, etc. The more we add the features will completely affect the development cost of augmented reality. We have distributed the development time in the following ways anytime.

    Sign Up/Sign In 14 hours
    Catalog 24-50 hours
    Sharing iOS & Android – 4 hours
    Cart 8 hours
    3rd Party API 15+ per API
    Back-end development Depends on features

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    • Enterprise-Grade AR App:

    Augmented reality almost got influenced into every part of the industries including architecture, education, healthcare, and retail. One of the major reasons for the implementation of the augmented reality trend is to engage the business by boosting profit. These types of apps are majorly used for cooperation work, staff training, and quick referencing. Augmented reality apps will help in tracking the seamless manner of the inventory with proper support in the business workflow.

    Sign Up/Sign In 8 hours
    Catalog 24 hours
    AI-based recommendation 100+
    Sharing 9 hours
    Recognition system 50+ hours
    Integration of 3D models 5 hours each
    Publishing 24 hours

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    VR Development Cost Based on Project Type

    VR and AI are some of those fastest-growing domains in the technological industry. This they are being integrated into various significant organizations including learning, agriculture, and gaming. As the high demand for such technology is increasing, we need to hire experienced app developers who are having skills in virtual reality and augmented reality development. Those technologies can easily simplify every day-to-day task which is the major reason for the high demand. To calculate the app cost for the virtual reality we need to consider the various number of virtual reality professionals who are most important in the project.

    Simple VR app (iOS/Android) Up to 1 month
    Online VR shops for retail (iOS/Android) Up to 3 months
    3D MAX Modeling Up to 6 months
    Complex MMORPG Up to 1 year and more

    The first three options which you have listed in the chart will require up to 2 to 5 virtual reality professionals to complete the project. And the last option which we have added will require at least 10 virtual reality specialists to complete the project by the deadline.


    The above-mentioned factors will ensure you properly calculate the related cost of the development of augmented reality and virtual reality app. The app developers will ensure you give the proper solution for the business which will help in monetizing it. Various monetization processes will also play an important role in app development. It is most important to understand the crucial role which is being played by virtual reality and augmented reality app in the current technological world. They will give you a high return on investment in the future due to the advancement in technical solutions.

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