How install wordpress on XAMPP local server

How install wordpress on XAMPP local server

Download WordPress


Step 2.
Extract the WordPress zip folder and put the WordPress folder in the directory C:\xampp\htdocs
Rename the WordPress folder with your website name
For example (I’m renaming it with “testing”)
It will look like the below screenshot

Extract wordpress zip

Start 2 modules on your XAMPP server

modules on your XAMPP server

Once you click on the start button for these 2 modules (Apache & MySQL) they will become green

Like below screenshot

Xampp Control Panel

Now we need to create MySQL Database
For this run URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/” in the browser

create MySQL Database

Click on Databases

Click on Databases

Add your database name like add “testing” and clock on create button.

Add your database name

The database will be added like this

Now run your website URL in Browser
Here “testing” is the folder name that we have given in step 2
You need to replace with your folder name if you are given a different name

Now run your website url

Click on Continue

Assign database

Click on Let’s go!

Add your database name here

Add your database name, username = root, and password field blank
Next click on Submit button

Run installation

Run installation

Install WordPress

Add above details

And click on Install WordPress

Run WordPress

That’s it, you can log in now

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