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    Diet and Nutrition Tracking App Development Cost and Key Features

    Diet and Nutrition Tracking App Development Cost and Key Features

    Amit Shukla

    “Health is wealth”. Without good health, one cannot do anything. Today’s lifestyle of the people tends to be very busy. They are immersed in their busy schedules and they are not having enough time to take care of their health. Every one of us own smartphones and they would be with us so people can make use of the technology in the best possible way. There are many diet apps development, so everyone can download and install them on their respective phones to utilize the benefits of the app.

    There are many apps related to health such as reminder apps for drinking water and so on. Our lifestyle has changed so much when compared to the previous generations because there are no physical activities present and every household activity is replaced by appliances. Definitely, it’s time to make use of the apps in the right way to safeguard our health.

    Health-related mobile applications are increasing significantly and according to many surveys conducted it is also observed that these applications are substantially used by people who are in the age – 20-40 years. There is no doubt that the demand for these apps would tremendously increase in the coming years.

    Thanks a ton, to diet and nutrition app development.

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    Let us now look at the benefits one can gain by using diet and nutrition apps:

    • The user can monitor his/her calorie intake.
    • Healthy food suggestions can be obtained according to one’s BMI.
    • Water intake can be monitored.
    • Physical exercise can be kept track of.
    • A personalized health proposal can be obtained from a nutrition expert.
    • There are various mobile applications related to health and fitness. Let us discuss them.

    Classification of the apps:

    Apps connected to Nutrition:

    1. With the help of these apps, one can monitor their calorie intake. The user can get to know the nutritional value of the foods. These kinds of apps suggest schemes according to one’s health condition so that the user can follow them in order to have better health and body.
    2. Weight loss applications:

    These mobile applications are so practical to aid the app user to lose weight. One can easily keep a track of their physical exercises and also the calories. Also, water intake can be tracked.

    1. Calorie applications:

    These applications can assist the user to monitor their calories. The user can hence pick the food according to nutrition and calorie in order to have a healthy body.

    How do you think the diet and nutrition app functions?

    Top Health & Fitness App Developers

    Most of the diet and nutrition applications function based on the manual entry of the information by the users. As soon as the app is downloaded and installed on Android or iOS devices the app obviously would want the complete health particulars of the users and hence asks few crucial questions and the user needs to input the details. Therefore, the app performs as designed and assists the user in achieving his/her goal.

    However, if the design of the application prompts the users to take appropriate action such as performing the physical exercise as suggested by the app tends to motivate the user and hence can achieve his/her goals. For instance, the Fitbit app when the user is able to monitor the user’s walking distance and so on.


    Sensors present in the devices are of great help which can sense if the user is performing physical exertions or not. Based on the movements the sensors would be able to document the information.


    The transcribed data present in the application executes the calculations and accordingly displays it to the user.

    The revenue model of the diet and nutrition app:

    • Subscription.
    • In-app purchases.
    • Ads.
    • Freemium.

    Many apps also hold personalized health plans kind of features so that the user can get suggestions or advice from health experts and thereby the app owners can make returns.

    By adopting the above ways, the app owner can generate good returns.

    Let us now look at the basic features of the diet and nutrition app:

    1. Signup/Login:

    The user can register his/her details by using social media accounts or Google accounts and can sign in to the app.

    1. User health details:

    Many details of the user such as height, weight, health conditions, and habits, etc. Are entered so that the app saves the user’s details in the database and accordingly the app initiates reports prepared by health professionals and they can be adopted by the users.

    1. Regulate goals/reminders:

    The users can follow the advice from the health experts and can set their goals such as losing few kilos over a fixed period of time. They can set alerts so that their calorie intake is kept on track and so on.

    1. Health proposals:

    The health plans received by the app users must be used in the best possible manner. This element can assist the user to know which kind of food is healthy and which is unhealthy and moreover according to the health condition of the user better foods can be consumed to improve the health of the person with this feature.

    1. Calorie and body exercise:

    The app must also hold a calorie tracker and body exercise attribute so that the user can enter the food and accordingly the calorie of the food is calculated. Also, the app must be able to record any kind of physical exertions done by the user such as walking, work-out, etc.

    Let us now look at the basic features of the diet and nutrition app

    1. Graphical presentations:

    The users must be able to know regarding their health and fitness through graph as it can give a much more transparent way of depicting their health habits, weight loss efficiency, and so on.

    1. Chatbots:

    These messengers or chatbots which are incorporated in the application can assist the user to chat with the health professionals so that the users can clarify all their doubts regarding food habits, etc.

    1. Scanner:

    This is an awesome feature that can scan the product and therefore accordingly reveals the calorie so that he/she can decide whether to buy the product or not in the store itself.

    1. Social media:

    Through this feature, one can share the app on the social media platform which thereby aids in bringing a greater number of users who intend to have healthy bodies.

    1. In-app calls and notifications:

    This attribute can assist the user to call the respective nutritionist to seek advice related to health and can clarify their doubts and so on.

    Through the notification, the app user can get to know various information which can help him/her to proceed in the right direction to achieve his/her goal.

    Apps can be connected to smartwatches and there are much more advanced features that can be added.

    Admin features:

    All managerial activities are monitored by the admins such as managing the accounts of the users and moreover seeing to it that the user is able to get assistance at the right time and resolving any issues or complaints received. Also, based on the analytics obtained the admin can get to know the returns and much more.

    Cost to develop the diet and nutrition app:

    The cost to develop a diet and nutrition app depends on the complexity of features that needs to be appended, developers’ cost, designer’s cost, platform, location, etc.

    On average the cost to build a diet and nutrition app would be around 40,000 $ and the cost might go beyond depending on the complexity and other factors.

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    Hope this article would give you an elaborate idea on diet and nutrition app development.

    Today, as everything is digitalizing everyone, wants to take care of their health and due to the current lifestyle people are showing more interest in health-related apps and undoubtedly there is a growing demand for such apps.

    The per-hour rate of the developers in India stands at 25$-80$ and accordingly varies in other countries.

    In case you are looking for the best mobile and app development company you can approach Next Big Technology for further communication. At NBT we have extensive experience in developing health-related applications and our app developers can assist you in building applications exactly as you require.

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