Best Tips to find The Right Offshore Development Team for your Project

Best Offshore Development Team

This article will deal with some insights that can be applied while looking for or making an Offshore Development Team for your Project, the main points are listed as a run-through for the article for your checklist while looking for the latter:

1. Technical Potential;
2. Experience;
3. Adjusting Time zone Gap;
4. Similar Cultural Habits/Work Ethic and Openness in General;
5. Openness to talk about the Project.

While looking for a Web or App development team for your project, Technical Potential is the most important factor you should be concerned about. A good developer must have the skill set that the Project calls for. Their scope of understanding should match the requirement of the project. The technical expertise of your team has a direct influence on the results of the project.

So, Investing in a team with good technical expertise is a no-brainer as it directly determines the quality of the results.

Choosing individuals can be tricky based on their experience as far as the number of years of work goes. There are other dimensions to it. For example, if a fresh graduate from a college has more expertise in development than a 35-year-old Engineer who has a static mindset (which might be quite a rare case), you’d obviously want to go with the young Graduate as he will supposedly offer better results as well as longer Work Period as he has just begun his career.

Thus, Fair and Accurate Assessment of individuals is important while considering having an Experienced Team.

When the Team is based in another country, there’s a possibility that the difference in time zones is there. Or, if are hiring Independent individuals from different countries or regions for the team, you might want to concentrate the members around the same time zone to avoid problems in communication. Different Time zones mean different working hours for you and your team. This makes it a big challenge to monitor your team in real-time. If your team is willing to adjust as per your working hours, then it’s well and good. But, it is better to have a team that has a minimum Time Gap for the convenience of both, the Team and the Client.

For example, Israeli Businesses preferably outsource their projects to Ukraine as Ukraine provides cheap labor and has a close time zone to that of Ukraine. If the team is based somewhere with a time zone gap of say 12 hours, it inevitably becomes challenging. For example, if the team has a question about the project or some small detail, they’ll have to wait until you are available and then you’ll have to wait till they are available. So, the goal is to keep it simple and concentrate your team to a particular time zone.

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Considering a team based on the culture might seem very shallow at first but the habits and values inculcated in the person depending on what culture they come from. For Example, In the Indian culture, people are ingeniously hardworking, because they are brought up with those values. It creates a huge difference in the efficiency of the results.

On the contrary, there might be a communication gap with Indians if you’re a foreign client. Many people are not very open about asking questions or Saying No to a task. The reason is mainly lack of openness and gap in communication. Also, India provides cheap as well as highly skilled workers which are budget-friendly. So, all these factors should be kept in mind while choosing a Team.

The last point is related to how well the communication is between you and your team. Communication is everything.

Choose a team that is not too different as far as the cultures and languages are concerned. It might not seem obvious but cultural differences create a significant amount of impact on the way an individual handles a situation. In general, it is better to ensure that the clients’ and team’s thoughts and opinions are in alignment. It is not a mandatory condition, but it helps to create a healthy work environment without any doubts and conflicts.

Communication plays a very important role as the team might not see a problem as you see it. The instructions need to be clear and not vague. Vague instructions might lead to mistakes and doubts. So, it is very important to choose a team that understands your instructions correctly and gives the expected results.

Also, the team needs to be open enough to tell you when there’s a problem. They should be able to ask questions to have a clear idea of the job. Any misunderstanding ultimately hampers the client’s project. So, it is better to have clarity in the communication of instructions.

Either you are looking for a Top Web Development Company or a Top Software Development Company, you need to first check their reviews all over the internet and their understanding of the project.

Hire a dedicated Developer from an Offshore Development Team is an option too you can test developers’ skills with some of your questions or you can test developers with some short-term tasks.

While you are looking for a Best Mobile App Development Company you can check their previous work and ask them to show some prototypes as per your work requirements, that will make you sure they understood your requirements and you can know what they can deliver.

In the end, it all comes down to the efficiency in work and the quality of results you get from your team. So, finding the right Offshore Development Team should be done by keeping in mind your technical requirements first and then move on to the secondary factors like Time zone gap, Communication gap, and Experience.

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