How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App?

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Mobile App

With 3.96 billion monthly active mobile app users, it’s clear that businesses are vying for the attention of consumers. Mobile app development is always improving, which has sped up market changes affecting consumers and businesses. The corporate market for mobile apps is expected to bring in $613 billion by 2025. So, it’s time to look more closely at everything that can change how a mobile app is made.

Most businesses and startups have questions about how apps are made and how much it costs to make an app. But now we’ll talk about another important thing:

  • How long it takes to make an app.
  • What resources are needed?
  • How much work needs to be done.

When you know how useful a mobile app will be for your business, you’ll be more likely to start making one. So, we’ll talk about how long it takes to make an app and how to make your app today.

Things to keep in mind when making an app

There are many steps to making a mobile app, each taking a different amount of time. From the first planning step to the release of the application, a chain of dependencies must be taken care of. So it makes sense that the time it takes to make an app will depend on how big it is and how many features it has.

To answer the question, “How long does it take to build an app?” we’ll look at each step of the process. How long does it take to make an app for iOS and Android?

The mobile app brief is important paperwork that many startups and app developers skip. There should be a direct link between how well the brief is written and how well the needs of the software project can be understood. This very important step can make or break how long it takes to make an app.

For example, the brief you’re working from should include information about the company, a detailed description of the task, and the mobile app development services that must be provided.

Before moving on to the different design and development phases, you should have an estimate of the app development process in a well-thought-out document. So let’s start with how long it takes to lay the foundation for all future design and development work.

Thoughts and research

The first steps in making an app are developing an idea and doing preliminary research. Creating new ideas is easy, but that doesn’t mean everyone will like them. How long it takes to make an app depends greatly on how much time you spend thinking of ideas and researching them. During this step, you develop an idea for your app and look into it to see how you can improve it.

At this point, it’s also important to target the right group of people. At this point, the app’s developers can focus on finding the best people to use it. Figuring out who the app is for is important for marketing before the launch and product development afterward.

Setting up every detail

The next important step in making an app is to create a detailed plan. Once you know much about the people you want to reach with your app, you can move on to making it. Next, you’ll choose how the app should be set up during preparation. Choices to be made include which operating system to use (iOS or Android), which app architecture to use (native, hybrid, cross-platform, web-based, mobile, etc.), etc.

Once the plans are made, the features can be put in place. Now, the elements of an app should be simple and quick enough that they don’t slow it down. For example, any app should have a search bar, buttons to share the app on social media, the ability to create a profile and log in, a login option, etc. Adding these features to a simple piece of software makes it easier to use.

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Ways to test new ideas and designs quickly (Design Sprints)

Design sprints are the next step in the process of making an app. During “design sprints,” different parts of an app are put through their paces. Most of the time, a design sprint takes about a week to finish. During this phase, the idea will be tested and looked over by a group of possible customers.

With the help of Design Sprint, businesses can find out if customers like a feature, how they use it when they use it, how easy or hard it is to use the app, etc.

Getting bigger and better

The three main parts of an app that need to be built together are the User Interface (UI), Front End (FE), and Back End (BE). Once the app’s plan is done, the development and design teams can start making it happen. How long does it usually take to build an app that works? In terms of time, the planning and making phase should take about six weeks.

How apps work is up to the people who design their user interfaces. This means that the apps can look better, making the experience better. UI is very important for a successful launch in the app store, as research has shown that people are more likely to download and keep using apps that look nice.

Coders and Making Sure of Quality

Finding and hiring the right team to build an app is hard. You can find help locally, but it’s not easy. You could also hire an app development company or a group of freelancers to do the work for you and form them into a team. The best way to make an app is to find a current development team with proven industry experience and tell them everything they need to know.


What parts make up the backend of an app? We need to test the app to see if it will work when it’s done being built. A few bugs in the software need to be fixed before they can be made available to the public. These flaws can be found through tests.

There are many ways to look at how well an app works and how well it works. Appinventiv comes up with ways to test mobile apps. Quality assurance testing ensures customers have a good first time using the app.

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