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    Fun websites to visit when bored

    Fun Websites to visit when bored


    In today’s generation people rely on technology so much that it is no longer that era where they used to go out to have fun. Today they spend most of the time on screen even if it is for entertainment purpose whether it is by playing online games or browsing through internet websites to find new game ideas. And seeing this many developers has built so many websites where people can have fun. So if you are bored and don’t know how to pass your time, here we have provided you with some 50 cool websites from where you can entertain yourself.


    The best way to cure your boredom via phone is searching through websites where you can learn about some cool gadgets or produce great music or play some texting games and there are many more interesting ideas for the same. Let’s take a look on these websites:

    1. GNOOSIC:

      It is a music website where they ask you about your likes and dislikes on artists and with that algorithm makes a playlist for you as per your liking. Even if you don’t know what kind of music you are looking for, gnoosic with its self adapting system will learn about you and get you what you want.

    2. PATATAP:

      When someone is bored, even the most baseless thing can bring them entertainment. And patatap is that kind of website which only produces noise and animation based on the keys of your computer’s keyboard. So, if you start playing random lines on your keyboard, this website will provide you with some amusing noise and animation which can help you with your boredom.


      Not Always Right is a website that tells the other side of the story by collecting memorable and often hilarious tales from retail and customer service employees that prove, “The customer is not always right.” As we all know that customers should always be treated nice, but that does not mean that they can not be wrong and can treat the employees or other people badly. This website is about leveling the playing field of those who struggles everyday trying to entertain a demanding customer and often unreasonable corporate expectations. Some of the stories on the website are rather amusing. Some are examples of genuinely great comebacks, while still others are a touch frightening.

    4. DRENCH:

      In this website you are provided with a full board which you need to ‘drench’ in a single color. And what makes it difficult is that you are given only a limited amount of moves to do so. So, you need to make a good strategy plan before you start to ‘drench’ your board.

    5. River Styx:

      The River Styx is a legendary underworld in Greek mythology. This websites takes you on an interactive tour where you will encounter many greek Gods and Goddess and by tapping on icons you can get many information regarding the same. It is a cool Informative website.

      Fun websites to visit when bored

    6. NOIYS:

      It’s a collection of anonymous messages shown on the website for 24 hours before being erased. You can write your secrets or share your opinions with the world without revealing your identity. So this can be cool website where by being anonymous you can share all your secrets and stuffs and it will even disappear within 24 hours.

    7. Cool things:

      This is an Informative website from where you can gain huge knowledge about gadgets, entertainment or toys. From this website you can get an idea about what to gift men or women as well.

    8. Post secret:

      Post Secret is a website that stores anonymous secrets sent in by real individuals on real postcards! It can contain any kind of secret.It may appear different, but you can get lost reading secrets submitted by people all around the world. Therefore, this website is relatively interactive.

    9. Little alchemy 2:

      This website is cool to kill your time. In this website, you can know about the transformation that occurs when several elements are combined. You begin with the features of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The objective is to produce as many diverse materials or things as possible.

    10. Vsauce:

      It is a kind of website which makes studying and learning interesting. When you’re bored and looking for something to do, go to the website to learn about exciting items and concepts like the infinite money problem, the game you win by losing, and many more.

    11. Virtual gym trainer:

      If you need someone to keep you motivated to exercise then this website is for you. By this website, you can get an gym coach in your laptop or smartphone only. You just need to click on the muscle you want to tone and this website will get you many related exercises and videos for it.

    12. Your web browser knows you better:

      This page will inform you of what your web browser knows about you, such as your device, precise location, social network accounts, and other details.

    13. 100,000 starts:

      If you want to learn more about the more profound mysteries of space, then this website is for you. This is one of the gorgeous websites where you can learn about everything in the space in just some clicks.

    14. Spend Elon Musk money:

      Visit the specified link and start blowing Elon Musk’s money. Hypothetically, spending someone else’s money must be in all your childhood memories.

    15. Strikingly :

      With this website you can design your own web page, blog, e-commerce store, portfolio and many more things. Strikingly is a fantastic website that kills boredom and can help you make your webpage and money.

      Fun websites to visit when bored

    16. My Fridge Food:

      My Fridge Food is a webpage where you can find recipes using products from your refrigerator. Simply highlight the ingredients in your refrigerator and you can have your next most delicious supper. So, if you stay away from family and don’t know what to cook with the ingredients stored in your Fridge, then this website is for you.

    17. Listen to the Global Radio With Radio Garden:

      Radio garden is a website where you can listen the radio from around the globe. It is a Well-built and straightforward website to use which simply place the mark on the globe to hear that city’s radio.

    18. Play Retro Nintendo Games:

      If you are a nintendo enthusiast then mynintendo.online is for you. Here, you can play your favorite games using your laptop or pc’c keyboard.

    19. Car Makes Noise:

      If your car is making weird noises and you don’t know what it is about, then this website is for you. Simply select the component of your car that causes you concern and listens to the noise. If both sounds sound similar, you’ll better understand what’s wrong.

    20. Animate your drawings:

      If you want to convert your sketch into an animation then you just need to go to the website called sketch.metademolab.com and upload your sketch there. It will make your sketch into an animation.

    21. A Good Movie To Watch:

      If you don’t know what you want to watch then in this website you can find a lott of movies with genres and moods. The most admirable aspect of this website is that they spotlight movies that, for one reason or another, did not please the mainstream media but are still worth seeing.

    22. MUBI:

      If you have a lot of options and can’t select which movie to watch, go to mubi. Here you do not get a lot of options. It only gives you 30 options at a time and you need to choose from those only. A movie is available on the website for 30 days after it is uploaded, providing you with the same amount of time to watch it before it is withdrawn.

    23. Find the Invisible Cow:

      If you are too bored to use your brain and just simply want to pass your time, go to this website, here you just need to turn on your audio of your system before start playing and take your cursor where you can find a cow. The cow is only visible behind the noise.

    24. MapCrunch:

      It’s a website that allows visitors to go to various locations throughout the world virtually. The player only needs to click the “Go” button to get a random Street View from anywhere on the globe. You can select nations from the list provided in the ‘Options’ window.

      Fun websites to visit when bored

    25. Wait but why:

      This website put day to day new in more humorous and weird way, which makes hearing news more intriguing.

    26. This is my website now:

      It is a website with a collection of little games that you can play in your browser. It’s fantastic for a quick break and lasts less than 10 minutes.

    27. The oatmeal:

      This website is the funniest comic strip website ever. You never know what the comic’s ending or punch line will be. One thing is sure: you will laugh every few seconds.

    28. The onion :

      The Onion encourages a generation of writers to present even the most challenging news in a hilarious way possible. This news can be pretty exciting to read.

    29. GIPHY:

      In this website you can find a humongous collection of gifs which has been viewed several times online.

    30. I waste so much time:

      In this website you get amusing images with embedded text—a great way to pass the time during brief intervals.

    31. GeoFS Flight Simulator:

      It is an online flying simulator that requires no installation. You can select your aircraft and fly it.

    32. A soft murmur:

      This website plays soft and calming sounds of nature which helps you to relax and stay focused.

    33. Explore mount Everest:

      Not everyone get to see Mount Everest from peak physically but with the help of Discovery channel, now you can see it in 3D form from your phone or laptop only.

    34. How a car works:

      This website helps you to understand the basics of a vehicle, what each components of the vehicle are and how they function.

    35. Read unlimited books for free:

      If you are a book nerd and love to read, then we have got this website for you where you can read hundreds of books and articles .

      Fun websites to visit when bored

    36. The useless web:

      This useless website in one of the most useful websites. It’s a handpicked collection of some of the world’s most useless websites. Here you can pass your time and be entertained.

    37. Hacker typer:

      With the help of this website you can turn into a temporary hacker like those whom we see on pop cultures and movies. With just few keystrokes you learn the basics of hacking and then enjoy!

    38. BuzzFeed:

      Buzzfeed is a very popular website that publishes breaking news of several industries. It covers not only information but also lists of entertaining items to read. This website also has games to keep you more entertained.

    39. Fail Blog:

      FAIL Blog features disastrous mishaps and general stupidity in photos and video which have captions such as “fail”, “epic fail”, “X Fail”, or “X; You’re doin’ it wrong”. This is one of the most comedic websites.

    40. People of walmart:

      In this website you get to see amusing pictures of the individuals in walmart who are dressed strangely and has even more strange list of grocery.

    41. Oddee:

      The website highlights the odd, strange, and bizarre things that happen worldwide and delivers unique articles not available on BuzzFeed.

    42. ZergNet:

      This website hosts from top publications worldwide in the range of movies, series and other form of high quality entertainment.

    43. Uncrate:

      The website features over 9000 things exclusively for male individuals. Vintage motorcycles, coats, and Bluetooth earbuds are among the items available.

    44. This is why I am broke:

      This is a best place to find gifts for anyone. The items are here of varieties of ranges. You can get atleast one thing for everyone here.

    45. Forgetify:

      This is a music platform where you can find some infamous but excellent artists whose music is out of the world. This is the best place to find new music and new artists.

    46. Attack of the cute:

      This website has compiled a lot of cute photographs of cute animals which can melt your heart in seconds.

    47. Open puppies:

      If you are a puppy person then this website is for you. Here you can find numerous gifs and videos of cute puppies at which you can swoon.

    48. Akinator:

      This website might know magic. Because you just need to think about a character from anywhere and this website will find it itself by just asking you some questions.

    49. Pixel thoughts:

      Pixel Thoughts is a sixty-second meditation tool that’s incredibly basic. There is a cloud floating through space. You enter your bothersome thought and think about it for sixty seconds. This simple activity is quite calming.

    50. Smithsonian:

      This website is great to learn about history and technology in a fun way. The articles on the are written in a non academic way which keeps the users engaged and let them learn a lot of things.

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    Instead of just being buried into a phone and not being productive, you can learn a lot of things and still pass your time in a good way without being bored. And most of these things require a very little amount of money or additional supplies:

    • Try learning a new instrument. Learning instruments can be quite charming and also productive
    • Try making origamis. You just need some website or youtube videos and some papers to learn how to do it.
    • Complete a crossword puzzle
    • Make up a brief narrative. Or an essay. Or a play – anything outside your comfort zone.
    • Become a little healthy by trying some yoga or gym exercise.

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    People today has become tech freak and when they have nothing to do they try to find something in the internet most of the times.

    So when it comes to boredom making these websites can be profitable and a source of enjoyment for other people.

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    The first step is to find the most unique name you can think about.

    And then:-

    1. Start with simple navigations
    2. Try using conversational English
    3. Keep the best strategies in mind
    4. Provide all pertinent details
    5. Make the homepage a summary
    6. Make different pages for different themes
    7. Allow images to tell your stories
    8. Make accuracy of the webpage
    9. Use simple layout
    10. Forms should be kept simple.
    11. Almost every page should include a call to action.
    12. Make it ideal or as close to perfect as you can.

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    The cost range can vary from $500 to $5000 based on your requirements for your website.

    If you want to keep it simple then it might cost you less

    And if you want to make a little complex website then ith might take more money

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    With the help of this article you can pass you time easily.

    And even if you want to develop your own website, then also this article will help you to understand what kind of website you want to develop or how can you do that.

    Plus if you need any kind of help in developing your site, reach out to us and we will surely help you.

    Thanks for reading our post “Fun Websites to visit when bored”. Please connect with us to know more about Fun Website Development.