Event Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Event Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Who doesn’t like to relax their mind by attending any musical or star events or movies or any event for that matter? And to do so you must book tickets beforehand in order to get seats and avoid tensions at the last minute. Is it not?

Technology has made everything easy! The interference of technology in booking the tickets can be easily done by yourself from your Android or iOS phone.

Event ticket booking app development is a great solution so that people can easily book their tickets from the app by opening their mobile phones.

Today we are going to look at the app development related to the booking of events, its cost, and features.

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Why do you think event booking app development is important?

Event booking applications can benefit the app owners, people, and middle persons too. There are many events that are organized by sponsors anywhere. If you want to attend a particular event that is scheduled at your location on a specific day and time, you can manage to get the tickets online by using event mobile applications and can get your work done.

How do you think the event ticket booking app function?

Event ticket booking app when accessed through mobile one could see the list of events scheduled. The users can pick the relevant event which they are interested in and can start to book the seat according to their will and wish. Once seats are reserved the tickets can be purchased by making the mentioned payments. Then the tickets can be downloaded via e-mail or app. Many apps make it a point to send the message to the registered phone number regarding the ticket confirmation.

There are millions of users who are showing a lot of interest in using the app and the users would drastically grow post-COVID-19 era as people due to the current pandemic situation are becoming used to technology.

The revenue model of an event ticket booking app:

  1. A fixed amount of percentage can be gained from event organizers for every ticket reservation.
  2. Ads.
  3. Any creator/actor who is interested in advertising his/her movie clips, trailers can approach and therefore can earn returns.
  4. Commodities when sold commission can be earned.

Advantages to the users who use the event ticket booking app:

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  1. One could make pre-bookings to avoid chaos at the last minute.
  2. One can save time.
  3. Uncomplicated cancellation.

Advantages to the event organizers:

  1. The organizers can save time and cost.
  2. Increase their rate of capacity.
  3. A large number of people can get to know regarding the event and hence there is a high possibility of many people attending the event.

Some basic and significant features of an event ticket booking mobile app:

You can include several lists of events so that your users can book the ticket in large numbers or for themselves for the event in which they want to participate.



Basic mandate step to access any mobile app. The verification of the user could be done by either phone number or email id.


Events are listed in the app which is scheduled to happen and the user can be alerted regarding the shows and therefore the individual can book the ticket accordingly as the app can fetch the user’s location by GPS.

Upcoming events:

As soon as the user accesses the application one can look at the list of the events and can decide to proceed with the bookings or not.


Using the option, the person can get to know much more information regarding the events and so on.

Reserving the tickets:

Once the person has decided to attend the specific event the individual can proceed further by paying the fee that is shown and can obtain the tickets through e-mail or app. Even the ticket confirmation message is sent to a registered mobile number, thus acknowledging ticket confirmation.

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You can download the ticket and save it on your mobile through this attribute and can use it for your reference when required.


Entirely this feature allows the customers to place their comments or thoughts regarding the app and service.


The person can check all the history that is how many events the person has attended and how much money is spent on the tickets each time, where the event took place, etc.

Reservation screen:

This is a prominent screen where the user can view the seat arrangement and can make bookings accordingly. The person can choose the number of seats in accordant to his/her desire. One could view the real-time picture of the event hall.


The user who utilizes the app and attends many events or so can be benefitted from discounts or offers.

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Admin interface:

Tailor-made dashboard:

Analyzing the returns or profits gained out of the app is the utmost responsibility of the admin, the admin can get an idea regarding which kind of event, people are attending in large numbers and from which location people are attending the event the most, rate of downloads happening, etc.

Publish events:

The events or shows which are planned to happen are published by Admins and they have the complete permissions to modify and re-publish in case of any changes in the program such as cancellation or rescheduling of the event and so on.


In case of any significant change of venue where the event was supposed to happen is notified and published so that the individuals are aware of the change.

Content supervision:

The admin can edit or modify and then update the content. The app developers can interconnect the content event management app development attribute while building the app.

Booking supervisor:

The admin can get to know intricate details regarding the date, time, and venue of the event.


This element is used by the Admin in order to check for any complaints received by the user and can be sorted out accordingly.

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There is much more advanced feature that can be added such as in-app call, chat/message, WhatsApp booking and much more.

Cost to build an event ticket booking app relies on many factors:

  1. Platform.
  2. Complexity level.
  3. Elements incorporation.
  4. Time taken.
  5. Per hour rate of developers.

On average the cost to construct an event ticket booking mobile app would be 7,000$ – 20,000$ and can go beyond India.


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As discussed, there are many factors to consider to build an event ticket booking mobile application. Based on your requirements, location, features that need to be integrated the cost varies. The per-hour rate of developers in India stands at 10$ – 80$ and might differ slightly.

There are a lot of scopes and potential to earn from event ticket booking mobile applications. Due to busy lifestyle, people want to relax and calm their mind by attending events or shows and due to today’s occupied way of life, people don’t want to waste time standing in queues for a long time in order to book tickets and so on. So, the demand to build such applications would grow in the coming days certainly.

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