Estimated cost & features of Car Parking Finder Mobile App

Estimated cost & features of Car Parking Finder Mobile App

With a great rush of traffic in a busy city, parking has become a major issue. People find it difficult to have an empty slot due to the large availability of cars. Considering this, the Next big technology App development company offers an online solution, where you could manage the parking and check the free slots in the nearest areas. These applications have several features to benefit you as much as possible, including:

1.User interface

a.Registration – The main element for the user’s app will be the sign-up process. At this stage, users have to add their email, phone number, or existing accounts in the social network either in Google to sign up.

b.GPS Module – The parking location is the next relevant module for the driver’s account. Firstly, the app needs to define the exact location and later show the nearest parking according to the location data. When the user planned to spend less than 10 minutes on parking, this feature will help him to save time and nerves.

c.Schedule parking – The car parking finder mobile application helps you to schedule parking in advance. Drivers will secure their travels and save much time.

d.Payment methods – Payment integration is necessary parking apps, as cashless payment is becoming more and more useful. There could be several payment methods like inbuilt payment via credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Estimated cost & features of Car Parking Finder Mobile App

2.Admin interface

a.User management schedule – It will help you to track the number of users, the amount of payment received, all transaction history, and the details of additionally ordered services.

b.Control parking owners – Parking owners could have several places, and the price for each is different. Thus, the admin should check the status of the owner, the number of parking places, the amount paid monthly, etc.

c.Payment status – Admin needs to manage invoices, transactions, costs, and possible issues with it. The payment module is equally integrated into both user’s and the parking owner’s app.

d.Manage bookings – From the application of top mobile app development company in India, it is possible to manage bookings through the app, incoming offers, and create discounts for both drivers and partners.

Estimated cost & features of Car Parking Finder Mobile App

3.Parking owner interface

1.Registration is important. It can be done simply by entering the phone number.

2.Owners should add the parking places to the app. It might offer owners adding available spots for bikes, motorcycles, scooters, cars, etc.

3.Manage parking requests in case of limited spots in parking space. The parking owner must control the incoming requests to book parking or to leave the car immediately.

The estimated cost to develop parking mobile apps

The concept of car parking apps is vast. This long-term project needed start-ups to fill up with up-to-date information and fast connectivity tools on regular basis. The cost of an application simply relies on multiple factors and features like functionalities, platform (Android or iOS). Also, it may vary from each developer that you hire for your project.

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