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POS Software Development Company

NBT offers with the best ever resolution for all the needs of your establishment with POS Software. We professionally integrate our POS software with your business according to the business need. Our expert’s team utilizes the advanced technology to confirm POS is not only measured as a cash collector, but advantaging in improving sales, appraising overall performance, organizing inventory, and bringing the transformation in business such as retail, Grocery, Restaurant, Hotel, Bar/Liquor, salon and a lot more.

The process of POS software development assists in delivering the best ever client solution while improving operational functionality of some industries. POS make simple the complete operations of a business, whether it’s a huge establishment chain or a small business. We develop tailored POS system for mobile and web application. It is the software that concentrates on making money in the most planned way.

POS Application Development Services

This amazing point of sale software of ours is an accurate reflection of advancement in technology. It provides excellent client services and helps to improve revenue. We give with different kinds of POS application development together with bar, restaurants, retail, cafes business and a lot more. Some of new businesses accepting this software as well as running their business in a successful manner.

To organize the production of your restaurant, inventory, billing, cash, and receipt get this influential solution and work naturally. It is one of the cost-effective and highly configurable points of sale software. It is a best solution for the food service industry and restaurant business. Without further argument, let’s go throughout the service we are offering.

Attractive Features of Point of Sale Software

Running a business is a tough task, so, to make simple the overall procedure and decrease the work we have developed this amazing point of sale software for some companies like bar/cafes, education, restaurant, small and retail business. It assists in running the business effectively by efficient utilization of its functionalities and features.

Here we have listed few of the main features of Point of Sale Software.


Quick Interface


Table Management


Accurate Billing


Simple To Manage


Menu Management


Inventory Control


Promotional Offers Notification


Loyalty Card


Chain-wide Operation

Get Detailed Report

Benefits of POS Software


Simply Manageable

POS software is simple to run on the MAC, tablet, PC, iPad or the browser you like the most. This type of software does not need the internet to work; it can even be utilized offline.

Maintain Inventory Control

Our commanding point of sale software unifies the inventory for restaurant as well as assists in quickly getting the total of all your products and control the inventory in an outstanding manner.


Correct Billing

Restaurant POS system reduces the error possibility and assists the organizations to keep data intelligently. Our correct billing option offers with multiple methods of payment and provides with attractive split-bill features.


Chain-Wide Operation

We offer with POS software that supports chain-wide functionality. It can manage multiple inventories of restaurant at one time by giving with correct data.

Flexible Employee Management

– POS system provides flexible management of employee and assists in completing the business requirements. It assists in recognizing separate performance and achieves future objectives.


Quick Interface

Restaurant POS system provides the quick interface. For any particular business it’s the basic need that completes all the requirements and provides consistent service.

Components of POS System

Hardware Components

Here we have mentioned some of the main hardware parts to support point of sale software.


Register Screen

Get the product database, display using this standard monitor. It helps in showing the sales report to the customers in a modern way using iPads and tablets.

Cash Drawer

This component is only available for a limited time. It will fade away soon as card payment is taking place however one requires a secure place to keep the cash.


Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner helps in to automate the checkout procedure. It simply scans to get product information and then it is added to checkout total. It helps in inventory management and automatically adjusts the stock level.


Receipt Printer

Receipt printer helps the customer in providing with a quick glance of their purchase. It prints the employee sales total, hours & other crucial information.


Credit Card Reader

EMV payment standard went live in 2015 hence, it’s important for retailers to have secure EMV credit card reader for taking payment. It reduces the probability of fraud and creates a secure environment for the financial transition.


Software Components

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POS were also known as SAAS (Software-as-a-Service). Its access and support of the internet, however, if the internet stops to work it will sync the data, track sales record and will save the data once the internet is connected.



This traditional model requires purchasing a license for software and then install them on the server or system. To update and maintain the software one requires dedicated IT professional who can take care of all the required maintenance.


Looking for Point of Sale Software

The Advantage of Point of Sale Software for Small Business

Efficient Point of Sale software for restaurant offers with a reliable and secure restaurant solution. It assists in managing entire management of the business and support them to set up the reputation. Here we have mentioned some of the most important benefits of point of sale software for small size business.

  • 1.It assists in managing inventory and decreases the overall inventory fixed cost.
  • 5.Retail POS system saves the sales force time.
  • 2.This type of Restaurant Billing Software officially automates the accounting tasks and makes reports.

6.POS application development assists in improving the traffic and organize complete performance.

3.This effective software assists in decreasing the time spent on back office as well as management of the inventory management.

  • 7.Restaurant POS system boost the checkout Lines as well as clutters the problem of standing in the line.
    • 4.The POS software for restaurant assists in improving connection with the vendor and offers with accurate, prompt inventory information.
    • 8.This software assists in giving with the highest level of customer service.

Types of POS Terminals

Basically, there are three different forms of POS terminal that assist many businesses to grow their business in an efficient manner.

Retail POS System

A special automatic solution to complete all your business requirements. Mainly its associated through gateways and widely utilized in higher traffic stores to give with acceptable customer experience.

Countertop POS

Countertop POS assists in accepting electronic payment and let quick checkout. It is a best blend of higher reliability and performance available at lower cost. Its amusing features with no hidden costs make it profitable for some small businesses. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Retail POS System

A special computerized solution to fulfill all your business needs. Mainly its connected via gateways and widely used in higher traffic stores to provide with satisfactory customer experience.


Industries Where You Can Implement Our POS Software


Retail POS Software

POS is combined network that offers with great control on accounting management, inventory management, order management, employee management, customer management, data, and information of analytics while concentrating on customer experience and relationship. It takes complete care of all the continuing loyalty programs, deals, gift cards, and discount to grab the viewers’ attention.


Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS Software provides a seamless resolution to your client with Restaurant POS software. It offers with best functionality and confirms to determine all the industry requirements. From the quick interface to fast checkouts, easy menu configuration setup,quality report, table management and much more, it takes complete care of the whole thing depending on your restaurant business needs.


Point of Sale Software for Small Business

NBT carefully curate process of POS development for small business and assist them generate more income and traffic by giving with affordable solutions. It assists in leading an independent business by enhancing the stock, make sales as well as learn from data to produce the business smoothly.

Salon POS Software

Get the greatest solution for your developing business with the effective salon POs software. It assists in calendar management, online booking, and in managing membership of customer. It promotes the safe environment for clients to make the best utilization of salon services and let salon workers to proactively reach to the clients whose membership is going to expire.

Liquor / Bar POS Systems

Get this effective app desirable and appealing POS system to keep your Bar/ Liquor shop up to date. It assists in operating the Bar/Liquor Store and offers with an effective solution. With the assistance of point of sale system, one can get correct information of the available stock and can effectively stock the inventory in the simplest and efficient manner.

POS Software for Hotel Industry

Hotel industry needs this type of software to complete so many needs and give with effective customer service. It assists the hotel business to become more adaptable and give customers with a personalized knowledge. It assists in accommodating client needs professionally offers the client with more reliable knowledge.

POS is a combined point of sale system which allows you to manage the whole thing from one platform. It can manage a lot more than just organizing front end business sales. You no more need to worry regarding the restaurant POS systems cost as its easily available in lucrative prices and takes complete care of payments, bills, as well as checks while saving the time and decrease the error possibility.


Why to Choose NBT?


Simple Registration

Payment Feature


Prompt Project Delivery


24*7 Support

It is a combination of software and hardware that is created to consolidate the business functions. If you are planning about pos software development business then contact to NBT as we provide you the pos system for sale with attractive design.

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