Earning Clone App Development

Next Big Technology’s Earning Clone App will give the best financial services to the biggest user base around the globe. Connect with our services and get started with the best financial support you can get.

Earning Clone App Development Services

Next Big Technology’s Earning Clone app is one of the best solutions for solving the financial problem in the toughest situation. You will get advance payment of your paycheck of the income on a monthly or weekly basis. This will help the users to manage their finances effortlessly without any problem. The application also has overdraft protection which will notify the user main account will exceed the limit. This will help the users to manage their income and expenditure with proper guidance and Management. The app will offer the services with zero interest, which will ensure the best possible financial freedom for the user. All the users can contribute to the community by providing funds to grow the application community. Basically, to solve all the modern-day financial issues with a proper solution by building a community-backed platform.

Features Integrated into
Earning Clone App Development Solution

These are the best possible features is being offered by the Next Big Technology’s Earning Clone App to the users.
Register/ Login
Register to the app using the email id or phone number to give the proper details to the app admin.
Profile creation
Every user will have the ability to create and manage the profile details easily from the profile management. They can edit contact numbers, names, Bank information, and any other data related to the app.
Quick browsing
Easily browse through various sections of the services which are listed in the app. Select any service which is preferable for you to use the app.
Lending limit calculator
Every user will have a limitation of cash collection depending on the details which are being provided to the app during the KYC verification.
Automated repayment
The amount will get automatically debited from the bank account once your paycheck is received into the bank for the payment of the loan.
Get notified with the push notification functionality for all future payments and alerts from the app.
Statement details
After the payment is done, the app will automatically generate a payment invoice. It can be shared with anyone and can be downloaded for documentation purposes.
Help section
Get complete help and support from the app with proper customer service by confirming all the queries and clearing out various issues.

How Earning Clone App Works

The Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’sEarning Clone App.
100% Customizable
The development of the app is completely white-labeled and can be rebranded and completely customized according to the preference of the client.
High Scalability
The application is completely scalable which will ensure to modify into any future evolving environment.
Data Privacy
All of your App is having high-end Technologies similar to blockchain in which provides end-to-end encryption. There is various integration regarding the security and safety of the user data in the app.
App Rejection Support
Apart from the app development we also provide complete assistance for the launching of the app into various smartphone platforms. In case any of the following reasons make the app rejected we will ensure to clear out the issue.
Free Maintenance Support
We will provide free cost to technical maintenance for a limited time after the proper deployment of the app. App owners can avail themselves of the paid maintenance service after the period is over.
Time-Effective, Budget-Friendly
We will be offering budget-friendly packages for the app with proper implementation of functions and scalability.

Development Process of
Earning Clone App Development

These are the basic working process of Next Big Technology’s Earning Clone Appwhich will be ensured with every development.
01. Project Planning
We will completely understand the client’s requirement by engaging with the business demand in the meeting. We will properly apply to the requirement and use all the tools and technologies for implementing the development process.
02. UI/UX Design
Our developers will creatively give the best app design with unique functionalities and user interface. Our team of experts will use the best possible tools to give you innovative user interface designs which will grab the attention of the user.
03. Back End Setup
Our team of developers is skilled and experienced and will use all the advanced tools and technologies for backend customization and setup. Developers will customize the app according to the business model and the requirements of all the APIs integrated into the app.
04. Testing and Deployment
After the app is completely developed it will go through various kinds of testing including bugfix and glitch resolve phase before being deployed. That app will be deployed into various measures platforms which will globally increase your business.

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