Dunzo Clone Development a Multi-Service App Development Cost and Features



On-demand apps are continuously in demand and facing enormous growth. They are responsible for changing the traditional business model. Currently, the online business model is implemented in every business sector.

Over the past few years, different services have required on-demand apps. Services include spa massage, buying groceries, ordering medicines, booking a taxi, purchasing furniture, etc. On-demand apps are the best way to make our life simpler.

With the rapid increase in the usage of smartphones. The requirement for application is also increasing daily. People are looking for convenience with every service they need in daily life. The most popular on-demand app is the grocery delivery app.

Dunzo is one of the well-recognized apps frequently used by urban people. The app is standing among the competitors with the best experience.

The app’s success entirely depends on the completion of immediate customer needs. Suppose you are looking forward to launching a similar application. Then there are a few factors which need to consider for success.

Essential Features of Dunzo Clone App Development:

It is essential to implement all the mandatory features in the app. These features are responsible for convenience and hassle-free experience.

Features help attract consumers to the brand, much like any other on-demand app development service. Implementation of the part is categorized into three different segments. Go through the feature list to get the integration of the mandatory components.

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Features for Customers:

Instant Sign Up and log in:

Customers need to sign up to create an account in the app. It enables access to all the features available in the app.

They can use personal credentials like email ID, phone number, social media credentials, etc. These credentials are required for quick login into the app.

• Quick Display:

Consumers can quickly view the list of contents in the app. Login completion will enable the users to access the app features. Customers can go through any item and directly purchase them according to requirements.

• Data Security:

It Is essential to implement data security in the app. Protection of consumer and delivery partner data is necessary. It will ensure reliability and more engagement in the app. This feature is most important as it involves online payment methods.

• Order History:

Every consumer will get the opportunity to check their order history. It is the list of complete purchase updates from the app.

Most importantly, it will enable them to reorder the same item directly from the list. They can easily manage their shopping list without any external help.

• Views:

Customers can use the advanced search option to view every item. It will include the filters which enable them to search for a specific item. This is the best way to order without any extra help quickly.

• Feedback:

Feedback is essential to improve the service and rectify the issues. Customers need to have the ability to share their opinions about the service.

Most importantly, they need to rate and review both positive and negative aspects of the service. This is the best way to engage and have reliability for the service quickly.

• Social Media Interaction:

Customers can quickly interact with one another using social media accounts. The app enables quick links to social media. It will help in sharing and getting opinions from multiple users.

Most importantly, any customer can share any particular item with others through this function.

• Multiple Secure Payment Gateways:

It is essential to integrate secure multiple payment options in the app. Every customer will prefer different payment methods for the orders.

The payment method includes credit cards, debit cards, online banking, UPI transfer, etc. The customers can quickly complete the order without worrying about cash payments.

Features for Delivery Partner:

• Quick Login:

Quick login is vital for the delivery partner to verify their profile. It will increase the reliability among the customers.

• Great Incentives:

The app will offer an excellent incentive to the delivery partner for the service.

• Multiple Price Plans:

Multiple plans are available for the delivery partner to choose from. Every project is customer according to the requirement of the delivery partner.

• Direct Feedback from Clients:

It Is Essential to get direct feedback from the customers to improve services. This section directly links to the feedback section of the customer app.

• Profile Analysis:

Profile analysis is vital to be more reliable to the customers. This will enable the consumers to consider purchasing the items.

• Real-Time Data:

Real-time data transfer will enable the stock and delivery status. It will help in restocking and improving the issues.

• Catalog Installation:

Delivery partners can install the catalogue, including all the items. The best way to engage with the customers is through the app.

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Development Cost of Dunzo Clone App:

Just like any other app development, multiple factors are important to consider. These factors are responsible for the cost of Dunzo clone app development. The estimated cost depends on these factors. Most important features and various other factors are involved.

It is difficult to get a precise estimation of the app development service. However, we can give a round of implementation of basic features and functionalities.

According to reports, it will cost around $5000 to $10,000. The development cost will rise depending on the extra addition of features. We have listed a few significant factors involved in the app development budget.

• App Platform:

The selection of the app platform is one of the significant factors for the development cost. Different app platforms have additional costs of development.

Comparatively, the Android app cost is higher compared to the iOS platform. This happens due to increased testing and functionality.

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• App Complexity:

Every mobile app is segregated into three different categories for development. The complexity is a significant factor in the cost.

It can either be simple, medium, or high-end app development. Any simple version of the app will cost less than any other complexity.

On the other hand, medium and high end will increment the development cost. It is advisable to and complexity of the app depending on the budget.

• Size of App Development Team:

Finally, developing the Dunzo clone app depends on the app development team. It is entirely related to the geographical location and size of the group. In every app development team, a few members are mandatory for completion.

For example, project manager, Android application developer, iOS application developer, UI/UX designers, web developers, QA engineers. Selection and requirement depend on the cost of app development.



Dunzo clone development Is the best way to capture the online market. On-demand apps are on the rise in the digital world. It is the best way to have a viable source of business. We have discussed every aspect related to the development of the app.

Make sure to implement all the features to succeed in the industry. Budget is the most concerning thing in every development process.

We have given proper estimation to help in progressing with the business idea. It is high time to engage as an entrepreneur to have a successful business model.

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