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    On-Demand Doctor Appointment Booking App Like Practo App

    Develop a complete online doctor booking program with the help of our fully personalized Practo clone script. The software has special functionality built into it, ensuring that it functions seamlessly. We are building both native and perhaps cross-platform applications for Android and iOS devices.

    Doctor Appointment
    Booking App Development Services

    Enable the users of NBT to locate and book medical appointments with physicians, psychiatrists, fitness consultants and available medical facilities, such as that of diagnostic testing, in clinics and perhaps hospitals with only a few taps upon their smart phones. The software has unparalleled functionality to help your customers plan, postpone, or otherwise reschedule their own appointments. Our Practo Clone Software is a crop cream solution designed to associate patients with physicians seamlessly.

    The Practo Clone Software of NBT is a white-label approach that is 100% customized according to your own branding specifications. You will change the branding, colour scheme, application name and other related information in the application as per your personal convenience, essentially making you the sole owner of your application. You can also customize the software to fit any spot, along with the integration of multi-currency and multi-lingual functionality, to help you excel while you are going hyper local.

    Doctor appointment app development solutions
    Develop an App like Practo

    The particular on-demand industry is increasingly penetrating all service industries, and therefore the healthcare industry globally is no such exception to this.  NBT are indeed working to develop a top-notch on the demand doctor booking program that helps our global healthcare industry customers to meet their targeted market quickly and efficiently. Our solutions for developing telemedicine apps include:


    Doctor Prescriptions Online

    Patients can indeed view their data from pretty much anywhere, at any point of time for the prescriptions and some other health-related information.

    VR Assistance

    Video Call Consultation

    The application helps patients to communicate to physicians via virtual video call, assisted by Virtual Reality help and assistance embedded into the application.

    Health Details

    Online Health Details

    Virtually almost all patient health information should be kept, making them readily available for potential appointments.


    Schedule Appointments

    With the completely functioning on-demand doctor application, consumers can also search the increased availability of physicians and wellness consultants for scheduling appointments.

    Virtual Consultation

    Online Consultation

    Doctors and otherwise medical professionals can provide internet counselling and recovery options to patients all without actually visiting their hospitals.


    AI Based Auto Suggestions

    The Robust Practo Clone Software provides useful advice to people who are looking for doctors mostly on the basis of their health problems.

    Practo Clone-img-1

    What all we develop?

    Our Online Doctor Appointment Solution complies mostly with the provisions of the Play Store in android and the App Store in iOS. It runs smoothly on all of those personal digitized assistants, including smart phones and perhaps tablets which are running on Android and even iOS devices, and on all of the particular web panels, as well as providing 100% of adjustability.

    We do develop various solutions:



    Admin Web Panel

    Web Panel

    Doctor-Android App

    Android App

    Doctor iOS App

    iOS App

    Doctor Web Panel

    Web Panel

    Patient Android App

    Android App

    Patient iOS App

    iOS App

    Patient Web Panel

    Web Panel

    What On-Demand Practo Clone App Services We Provide

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    One-Stop Solution

    One-Stop Solution

    Practo clone app provide on stop solution for all Doctor consultation needs.

    360° Support

    Priority Support

    We do provide priority support for all your issues and concerns.

    Data Collection

    Schedule Appointment

    Practop Clone App provides complete option to schedule an appointment with Doctors as per your convenient time and date.


    Audio & Video Consultation

    Practo Clone have both Audio and Video Consultation options.


    Revenue Generator

    Practo Clone app provide good option to earn and make revenue by making a good commission over consultation.


    App Installation

    We will upload app on both Apple Store and Google Play, we will make it live and get approved from Google and Apple.

    Benefits of Practo Clone App development

    The on-demand doctor service of NBT helps you to build a network that links doctors to patients and perhaps vice versa without facing any obstacles.


    Easy To Browse

    With a completely clean UI and a simple application layout, your users will actually be able to successfully navigate and otherwise use every functionality of your own application with ease.


    Easy Scheduling & Appointment Option

    It is only a matter of some taps to set up meetings with physicians and to reach other health facilities.

    Payment Gateways

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Payment mostly on the site is streamlined due to the presence of many payment solutions, ranging mostly from debit or credit cards to further digital wallets.

    Video Support

    Audio & Video Consultation

    Introduce instead a decentralized network where sick patients can view physicians from any place by just using the feature of live video.


    Choose Your Option

    Users will also offer direct medical advice and other kind of health-related support services from physicians of their choice.

    Demand Service

    Doctor On Demand Services

    With the nest Practo Clone application on board, consumers can conveniently make use of the healthcare service offered by the doctors all without any issues.

    We Use Latest Technologies


    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Practo Clone is already a fast and efficient process for initiating a doctor’s on-demand program. It also lets you save a lot of time, money, and commitment. We deliver fully customizable and otherwise white-labeled solutions which allow you to actually change the color, style, functionality and perhaps the UI to your taste, making your own software very different mostly from the original particular application.

    At NBT, we recognize that protection plays a pretty important role in enhancing the credibility of the whole applications and otherwise services. That is why we have actually included a good number of security features, also including OTP, login, data encryption, and more of it, that once again promise your own customers a secure experience each and every time.

    Yeah, our possible solutions can be quickly updated and therefore the built-in reward program or otherwise promo code feature can be introduced. The addition of this kind of feature would help you draw new visitors to the website and easily celebrate events.

    If the mobile app is built and running, NBT can help you to further list it on the App Store of iOS and the Play Store in android.

    Yes, NBT provide a full range of after-sales support services that will enable you to download, modify and inspect your application at some later point of time.


    Why Choose Us

    Practo Clone Development is a one-stop panel for Patients, Specialists, and Home Healthcare Providers or clinic. It allows doctors, patients, clinics & hospitals to communicate or to get connect with each other through a single tap. It is the trusted app where patient can find a recovering touch, get right authority, getting meds, securing prosperity records, etc. It provides unmatched flexibility, and help patients to schedule, cancel, or reschedule their appointments.
    We have a very essential features such as users can login to Practo Clone Development through social media or email by providing their specific details like name, contact number, email ID, basic health condition, and more. User can easily book their appointment by just a single tap, live navigation so that they can find the nearby doctor, we provide the user to mark their favourite doctor or they can choose by looking at the stars given to the doctor, they can upload their given documents as required, we also provide the user an option to put multiple profiles under their profile, and it provides the easy option to make the payment and user can review according to their experience.
    Practo Clone Development also provide benefits to the patients such as it is time consuming, cost friendly consultations, user can schedule their lab tests and the patients can also order medicines via the app and track their order.

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