Kickstarter Clone App Development

Get to create your online marketplace with various new ideas by entrepreneurs and have proper support from the investors.
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Kickstarter Clone App Development Services

Get out funding for various projects and ideas of intracranial and have the best wishes of being the biggest entrepreneur. Allow various rising entrepreneur to embrace their project to have proper funding. All the creativity of various entrepreneurs needs to be showcased around the world which will be helped by the Next Big Technology’s Kickstarter Clone App. We will ensure to change the complete entrepreneurship in a dynamic world.

Features of
Kickstarter Clone App Development

These are the best possible features is being offered by the Next Big Technology’s Kickstarter Clone App Development to the users.
Invite Friends
Invite Friends
Quickly invite your friends and easily create a network for seeking projects in the app.
Email Notification
Email Notification
Get customized email notifications from various Investors and members regarding the projects.
Push Notification
The push notification will give allowed about various new projects and interested investors available in the app.
Payment Options
Payment Gateway
The app is having integrated support for the biggest number of global payment gateways for convenient and faster transactions.
Social Media
The app we have complete integration with social media which will allow the user to get connected with the ideas.
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Dynamic Service Fees
Easily modify control and change the listing fees by updating the membership fees as per the requirement.
Multiple Currency
The app will have the support for various multiple currency payments due to the catering service to worldwide investors and entrepreneurs.
Censor Comments
The app admin can sensor various comments on negativity to create a positive atmosphere among the investors and the users.
Media Gallery
Media Gallery
The App will provide a memorable and enhanced experience by allowing them to share, seven store photos.

How to Earn Profit with Choose
Kickstarter Clone App Development Solution

The Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’sKickstarter Clone App.
Membership Fee
Membership Fee
Investors and entrepreneurs need membership fees for joining the application service.
Listing Fee
Listing Fee
Every new entrepreneur needs to pay listing fees to list their projects in the app and it will ensure a steady revenue.
Ad Captcha
AdSense integrated into the revenue system will allow the new verified users to click and generate revenue.
Website Commission
The app will ensure the regular commission with every successful financial transaction done through the app.
Add Banner
Ad Banner
3rd party ad banners can be placed in various significant areas to provide a generation due to the massive user base and visitors in the app.

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