Our igneous cricket betting app development services are white-label, innovative, and customizable for bookies.


Get a different experience with our Betting App

More than 100 countries play and recognize the game of cricket as a “gentleman’s game,”. The fans follow the game with lots of passion and explore multiple ways to get engaged with the product.  You can now discover a love for the game with our cricket betting application.

Being the best cricket betting app development company, NBT offers excellent solutions to meet up your requirements. We aim to use leading technologies and load your app with the best possible features.

Features aaof Our Betting App

NBT offers a seamless solution and ensures providing the applications that make you stand out from the competition.

Live Scores API

Live Scores API

We help businesses to connect with the premium data feed aggregators to provide an up-to-the-minute score to the users.

Robust Oddsmaker

Robust Oddsmaker

You can enjoy complete liberty to customize odds and wagers and get engaged with the users in the best possible way.

Instant Payment Processing

Instant Payment Processing

Businesses can settle real-time transactions to free themselves from cumbersome payment backlogs.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Know your users better by collating data to understand their trends and behaviors regardless of time.

Widget Builder

Widget Builder

NBT helps you create useful extensions for the platform without opening an app.

Extended Support

Grow your business and get up to 3 months of free support, which can be extended further.

Working process of Live Cricket Betting App

In the cricket betting process, the users or punters will firstly approach a bookmaker and view the odds. After narrowing down the chosen odds, users can place their bets and complete the payment. Later, they will get to know the success or failure of their bets. If it gets successful, users can visit the bookmaker and gather their rewards.

In the growing technological age, the demand for betting apps for cricket among punters and bookmakers has been increased. NBT makes it easy to place a bet anytime without facing any restrictions.

Live Cricket Betting App Workflow

Have a quick look at How A Betting App Works?


The first and foremost step is to get registered on the betting application.


Next, the user can choose any live tournament and view the different odds.

Then, they can select any desired wager and add it to their cart accordingly.

The user can now make order confirmation and complete the payment.

Once the match begins, the user can watch the game feed and record the scores.


After the match ends, users will receive their winnings in case of successful bets.


The users are allowed to bet on multiple matches at the same time.

User panel

Engage the users with an interactive user interface.

User Profile

Users can customize their profile by including photos, nicknames, favorite teams, etc.

Live Match Scores and Feed

Users can track their scores and watch the innings of ongoing matches.


Read and follow the updates of the latest developments in the sporting app.

Tournament Calendar

Users can view & mark upcoming events like World Cup, Tests, etc., and make their preparations.

Anti-Fraud Integration

Users can protect their funds and data against any misuse.

Virtual Currency

Users can get the in-app currency or points to bypass regional restrictions.

Bookie panel

Efficiently track your orders in your cricket bookie software.

Bookmaker Ledger

Bookies can view a list of all open and closed transactions made by different users.

Customizable Oddsmaker

Bookies can edit the offered odds for individual matches.

Betting Advice

Bookies can offer tips and tricks to the users while placing bets.

User Management

Bookies can suspend troublesome users on the platform.

Calendar Management

Bookies can view upcoming events and edit the odds of upcoming matches.

Customer Support

Bookie can contact the user during any problems.

Admin panel

Manage the entire platform with our One-stop admin portal.

Interactive Dashboard

Admin can view all the executed operations on the platform.

Data Feeds Management

Admin can view and manage different data feeds used by the platform.

Payment Gateways

Admin can monitor multiple payment options used by the platform.

User and Bookie Management

Admin can suspend users and bookies, especially those who misbehaved.

Risk Management

Admin can offer different ways to help users limit their losses.

Marketing Tools

Admin can use in-built marketing tools to promote events and directly attract new users.


Enjoy Systematic Services of Our Online Cricket Betting App

Betting is a part of gambling. People across the globe prioritize the activity, while the law in some countries is still against the offline way. Considering this, NBT has introduced a legal way of betting via app to let users regulate and manage their activities without any hassle.

Secure an Online Cricket Betting Software for your Business

Grab an excellent opportunity at a new level through captivating and exciting features.

Multiple Wager Options

Multiple Wager Options

NBT aims to provide multiple options for betting varies from singles to full covers to handicaps.

Regional Oddsmakers

Regional Oddsmakers

Target different regions through the familiar odds with the users like fractional, decimal, and money line.


Our app helps users to connect, discuss, and build a community and let them participate in forums.

Messaging Integration

Users can send direct messages to others and expand their experience.

Odds Sandbox

Users can pick and select or create custom odds that excite them.



Users can test their betting skills by getting ranks on regular leaderboards.

Create an Industry-Specific Software Cricket Betting App

Cricket, a global sport that is played across the globe. It is very popular among countries like South Asian countries of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Moreover, hundreds of cricket tournaments of different sizes were held regularly. In terms of viewership, the ICC Cricket World Cup of 2019 attracts almost 2.6 billion audiences. Similarly, other championships like the Indian Premier League had influenced almost 411 million viewers. It is growing constantly.

NBT offers an online cricket betting app service that lets you cover these tournaments and reap handsome profits from every match.


Develop an Extensive Online Cricket Betting Apps with Attractive Features

The cricket betting app of NBT is integrated with unique and best features possible. The app is mainly divided into three panels – User, Bookie, and Admin.


Customize your Oddsmaker and Optimize your Data Feeds with the Betting Software

NBT offers a betting application for cricket and helps users control the odds and wagers. Our easy to modified oddsmaker option lets you set betting odds accordingly. It offers exciting and engaging wagers to the users and keeps them asking for more.

Moreover, our team of professional developers link your application with the best data feeds in the market. It ensures that your users enjoy the latest match scores on your app. With this, users can watch live cricket matches and enhance their experience on your application.

Hire the Best Cricket Betting App Development Company

NBT is the top-rated app development company with more years of experience. Over time, a team of expert developers, researchers, and digital marketers came together to create stellar applications. We provide a white-label solution that is pocket-friendly and helps you launch your application within a tight schedule.

Cricket Betting Software Proficient on Android And iOS

NBT creates powerful and user-friendly applications. During the process of cricket betting app development, our professionals use best-suited technologies for the target operating system and integrate APIs to provide an unrivaled benefit of the application.


Frequently Asked Questions

Cricket tournaments held regularly and engage lots of fans. Betting offers an outlet to channel love for the sport and also earn profits from every match.

Yes! NBT offers exclusive marketing add-ons to efficiently promote your app. It will help you reach your target demographic faster

Of course Yes! You can customize the app and create odds and wagers that are independent of the system.

The App development process is time-consuming. Sometimes, it becomes an impossible task for beginners. NBT offers premium app development services that are scalable and highly customizable.

Yes, we provide all types of support for up to three months after the launch. Also, you can extend the support period by purchasing additional plans.

Why Choose Us

Betting on Cricket has been popular for many decades due to the unpredictability of its outcome it brings with it. The demand for cricket betting is still increasing day by day in the market. Betting on cricket is on hike these days, it is a kind of gambling which evokes placing bookmakers, also known as a bet on the outcome of a sporting contest. Millions of people who love to bet on cricket. Cricket Betting Software Development creates powerful sports betting app, it helps in developing powerful features, great simplicity and interactive designs. We provide a robust algorithm engines which decides the winning standard and that motivates the participants.

Our online cricket betting software covers the major cricket leagues which includes ICC World Cup, Indian Premier League (IPL), and World T20.Cricket Betting Software Development include futuristic approaches such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc., to ensure to give best gaming experience. We have a huge benefits for our customer such as we keep all the user’s private information and data secure, we believe in increase in customers profit as we do not ask for the share from them, we are 100% customizable software and as people are spending more time on their phones our software compatible for all the devices.

Cricket Betting Software Development also provides some features as we such as pre-live and live odds, Live score update through notification, 24/7 services, faster financial transactions and customer can build widgets according to their needs and preferences.

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