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    Bus Ticket or Flight Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

    Bus or Flight Ticket Booking Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

    Amit Shukla

    We travel from one place to another to either meet family or friends or on work purposes or whatever the need might be. To travel anyone would require a bus ticket. Gone are those days where people had to wait in the long queue for getting the tickets booked. Now anyone can book a ticket easily with the help of an app. Everyone owns a smartphone and the process has become much simpler. Anyone can download and install the app on their phones and can continue to book a ticket in advance to avoid tensions and confusion at the last minute.

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    Many surveys have thus revealed that the scope of bus ticket app development would continue to grow in the forthcoming years as the travel agencies have already expanded in all the major cities and therefore there is a large potential and need for these travel agencies to get a bus ticket booking mobile app to be built and designed so as to serve customers.

    Around 60% of the travelers are looking forward to bus booking mobile apps to be developed and the travel agency must see to it that a bus booking mobile app is designed and built to assist the requirements of the people.

    Benefits of a bus ticket booking mobile app for customers:

    1. Customers can book the bus ticket in advance from anywhere and can receive the e-ticket so as to avoid tensions at the last minute.
    2. Can save time.
    3. Easy process to book a ticket.
    4. If the customer wants to cancel the reserved ticket, it can be done easily.
    5. There is a flexibility of choosing the seat by looking at the seat structure when booking.
    6. Users can make use of discounts/offers etc. and can save money when booking.

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    Benefits of a bus ticket booking mobile app for travel firms:

    1. The bus ticket booking app can make the lives of their customers easy.
    2. Many customers would tend to use the app as there is no need to wait in the long queue and hence there would be more downloads and usage of the app.
    3. Hassle-free process.
    4. Customer satisfaction could be achieved.
    5. Good customer interaction.

    These are the possible benefits of a bus booking mobile app for a customer and as well as a travel agency.


    Some of the most popular ticket booking mobile apps:


    -make my trip.




    Prominent features of a bus ticket booking mobile app:

    Traveler attributes interface:

    1. Registration and sign up including social logins.
    2. Search routes, towns, cities.
    3. Look for bus availability according to dates.
    4. Dates are shown by the respective travel agencies.
    5. Minute details related to all the bus – Arrival and dropping timings, price of the ticket, etc.
    6. Seat structure map – pictorial depiction.
    7. Seat segregation for men and women.
    8. Pick up the desired seat accordingly.
    9. Ticket kinds – e-ticket, counter ticket).
    10. Fare calculator.
    11. Fare variant in accordance to the seat.
    12. Look for any travel package.
    13. Feedback/Review.
    14. Payment gateways.
    15. Refer and earn.
    16. Booking verification and confirmation.
    17. Receive SMS/email.
    18. Ticket conveyance to home – Counter ticket.
    19. Print or download the ticket.
    20. Manage e-wallet, trips.
    21. Trace the whereabouts of the bus.
    22. Ticket confirmation via QR code.
    23. Cancellation of the tickets.
    24. Refund money.
    25. Multi-language and currency support.
    26. Push notifications.
    27. User support.
    28. In-app call/message system.
    29. Settings to personalize the account.

    Travel firm/agency attributes interface:

    1. Registration/Sign up.
    2. Manage the directions of the bus.
    3. Seat structure depiction, managing fares, a refund in case of cancellation, etc.
    4. Confirm ticket bookings.
    5. Live to trace.
    6. Managing trip packages.
    7. Scanning of the ticket.
    8. Returns analyzed from app and tickets.
    9. Ticket authentication via QR code.
    10. Reminders and push notifications.
    11. Do the delivery process in case the customer wants the ticket to be delivered to home.
    12. Reviews/Feedback.

    Bus Ticket or Flight Ticket Booking Mobile App Development

    Admin attributes Interface:

    1. Login to the account.
    2. Manage accounts of users.
    3. Manage business collaborators.
    4. Manage discounts/offers.
    5. Manage travel agencies.
    6. Handling commissions and cloud storage integration in the app.
    7. Managing ad owners.
    8. Payments management.
    9. CMS connection.
    10. CRM connection.
    11. E-mail and SMS advertising.
    12. Reminders and notifications.

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    There are many other attributes as well for building a successful bus ticket booking mobile app.

    Seat chart depiction, if any friend or family member of the traveler is traveling along then the details regarding the bus could be shared using this attribute – co-passenger management, various payment gateways, ticket authenticity, google maps interconnection, etc. could make your app a successful one.

    You might need proficient front-end and back-end developers, UI designers, QA experts, and testers to get a bus ticket booking mobile app built.

    Rough cost estimate for building a bus ticket booking mobile app:

    The approximate cost would be around 15,000$ – 40,000$ and it would definitely cost more if there are many features that need to be incorporated.

    Meanwhile, there are a lot of factors that affect the cost – It depends if you want to get the software developed on a single platform – Android or iOS or both, location and the per hour rate of developers, list of attributes you require, etc.


    Hope this article would give a brief understanding of flight ticket booking mobile app development.

    In case you are running a bus travel agency then it is necessary that you get a mobile app built to improve your business and therefore expect more revenue.

    There is a requirement and demand for bus booking apps as these apps tend to benefit the customers largely. Moreover, everything is being digitalized in order to make the process easy for people.

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    Bus Ticket or Flight Ticket Booking Mobile App Development


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