Airmeet Clone App Development – Cloud Video Conferencing Solution for Virtual Events

Get the advanced version of cloud-based video conferencing according to the demands of the clients with Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone App. Get a robust designed best virtual meeting and conference app. The development is completely white label and can be customized according to the requirement and having created deployment functionality.

Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone App

There are various video conferencing applications available in the market, but Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone App gives the best possible experience. Give the best solution to your clients with the fine video conferencing solution with all the functionalities. We will implement every idea you needed for the app and our expert team of developers will create the rebranding app. Launch your personalized video conferencing app with our service in a hassle-free manner

Special Features of Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone App

These are the best possible features is being offered by the Next Big Technology’s Airmeet CloneApp to the users.
Private/Public Conferencing
Ensure the video conference is in public or restricted to the Access of specific groups according to the host. The unique ID is needed to be invited by the host which will be given to the users to get access to the meeting.
Schedule Meeting
Users can easily schedule a meeting in advance and also notify the user of the time and the complete planning of the meeting.
Blur the Background
Use the professional Outlook feature by blurring off the background to keep you in focus during the meeting. This is one of the major features which is being used by the cloud-based video conferencing app.
Record Meetings
Every meeting can be properly recorded in real-time using the inbuilt recording feature.
Real-Time Document Editing
The app will allow the user to upload and discuss various documents, and doors can be edited in real-time during the presentation.
Text Messaging
All the attendees will have the ability to communicate with the representatives of the host in real-time with the live chat option. This is one of the instant communication tools which can resolve the various issue.
Mute/Unmute Participants
During the online meeting, the moderator can easily mute unmute any participant. This is one of the major features for controlling the meeting by the admin panel.
Raise Hands and Reactions
Use the virtual hand-raising alert in the app which will allow the host to give you access to speak during the meeting. This picture will give the best possible participation access to the participants in the meeting.
Live Streaming
The video conferencing can be easily live-streamed into various social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

Business Verticals That Can Benefit from Using Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone App

Next Big Technology is one of the best app development services companies with proper development services for every need. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’sAirmeet Clone App.
Information Technology
Information Technology Sector is one of the major reasons to be the usage of cloud-based online video conferencing. These are required for discussing various projects and team meetings.
Banking and Finance
The banking and finance sector will give the best experience of the customer service by verification of KYC online as well as various other usabilities.
Global Businesses
Business communication can be made easier with the app which will ensure the proper meeting and seminars.
Government Affairs
Increase the effectiveness of every government official by keeping close vigilance during virtual meetings and video conferencing.
Get the extended healthcare services with the patient over the video calling to safe time during the treatment.
Clear out every kind of major legal misconceptions and miscommunications using the best video conferencing service by Next Big Airmeet Clone App.

Working Process of Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone App

These are the basic working process of Next Big Technology’s Airmeet Clone app which will be ensured with every development. Get the complete overview of the features which we have listed below.
01. Cross-Platform Compatibility
The app will offer the integration of the platforms and website which will ensure you have cross-platform compatibility.
02. History Display
Get the complete list of the history of the meetings which been done in the previous schedule. This will ensure and record all the meetings properly for future references.
03. Subdomain Creation
Create your subdomain of business and it can only be accessed by several authorized persons who have been selected by you.
03. Remote Access
Gettingthe best cutting-edge technology with augmented reality gives the problem-solving app for your business meeting.

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