WeChat Clone App Development

Discover tremendous business development with our personalized We Chat clone application. Brings some breathtaking features, backed by solid functionality.


WeChat Clone App Development Services

We are trying to develop an advanced WeChat clone software solution that expands instantaneous messaging service. Users of NBT will search the QR code of some other users and apply it to their particular messaging circles. They may also use their particular unique IDs or otherwise phone numbers.

From the particular text messages to further voice or video calls, it somehow empowers the users to connect effortlessly with some other users by all means. NBT is mainly recognized for its unique ability to provide community chat services. Built all with a beautiful feature set and new technology, it is perhaps one of the most attractive instant messaging software providers on the marketplace. Get your own hands on this awesome WeChat application solution at particularly an unbeatable price and otherwise get started on further your own business journey quickly!

A Social Messaging App Like WeChat Key Features


Send Text Messages To Your Contacts

Share photos

Share Image / Audio / Video files to your contacts

group chat

Group Chat Option

Share location

Share your current location


Synchronize your phone contacts with the application

  • Share GIF and Graphics with your Contacts

Connect over voice- video

Voice & Video Calling

WeChat Clone Application Chat Features

The WeChat instantaneous Messaging Application solution of NBT allows the users for communicating with each other individually or otherwise in particular groups through either messages or calls. In addition, it extends advanced features such as with media networking, sending out stickers, animated gifs, and more of it. Below are the different services provided by the WeChat Instantaneous Messaging software.

Text Messaging
group chat
Group Chat
Clear Voice Calls
Voice Calling
HD Video Calls
Video Calling
Group Voice- Video Calls
Group Calls
Share photos
Share Graphics

How WeChat Clone Application can be source of earning?

Users move towards apps that give extra benefits to the whole money they pay. They are still looking for ideas that stand out mostly from other companies. Here’s how you really can captivate these users with our own custom-built WeChat clone application.


Multiple Communication Channels

With our own WeChat clone application on board, you really can have many ways of contact, including the private messaging, community chat, HD video call, etc.


Seamless & Reliable solution

The NBT WeChat application helps users to communicate with each other just without interruption or intervention, rendering the whole process smooth.


Multiple Revenue Streams

Our WeChat clone script lets you generate revenue from several ways like subscriptions, in-app adverts, etc., helping you earn high ROI quickly.


How WeChat Like App Works


Text Messaging


Group Messaging


Audio Calling


Video Calling


Group Calling


Graphics Sharing

Wechat Clone App Offer Business Options


Connect Peoples All Over The World

In recent years, social media applications like WeChat have gained tremendous prominence among global audiences. People find it easy to send messages to their own friends and families, and to also reach out to them quickly. Use this chance to launch our own WeChat application to help your own audience communicate with everyone across the entire globe via just an instant messaging unique feature.


Corporate Communication Channel

In addition to a personal interaction, the WeChat clone application can be further used by companies as a medium for building connections with their clients. Businesses may exchange sales updates about their goods or services and provide customer assistance through the app. then they also can immediately communicate with their own team with this particular option.


Advance Features

Several social media sites have arisen around the globe, and users are spoiled for options.The only possible way you can set your company apart from just your rivals is by adding sophisticated features into either your software. By doing that, you can easily captivate your own target audience’s interest to your own business.

App Solution

Complete End to End Communication Solution

Our WeChat application clone enables various means of connectivity, such as text messaging, community texting, voice calling, HD teleconferencing, etc. This allows users to communicate with other users whenever they prefer. Often, advanced features including place sharing, sharing of files, media sharing, etc. comes like cherry on the cake.

Develop WeChat Clone App

We intend to develop a remunerative application that brings big profits for companies opting for these particular solutions. We develop WeChat clones, which is accurate, scalable and give cutting-edge results.

Tech Stack
That Power Our WeChat Like App Development


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The NBT WeChat clone application is basically an instant messenger solution which empowers users to communicate easily to their connections. They will talk in groups, too. Apart from that, features including audio call as well as video call make it even better. In a nutshell, this is an all-inclusive software that provides different methods of communication.

Yes, yes. We offer post-launching maintenance service provided for free to your own company to ensure that your instant messaging application runs smoothly. It is, however still, limited to a given period. After this time, you can use our paid repair services at competitive rates.

NBT WeChat clone application is 100% fully customizable and perhaps fully scalable solution that helps you to easily create some possible improvements. You can alter its settings, unique features, etc. as per constantly changing preferences of users.

Yes, at the outset of this project, we are signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You may be confident that the application concept and other related details with NBT will be protected in this manner.

You can easily connect with us via a call——————————, email———————-, or via the chat choice available on our own website. We will be pleased to help you solve your questions!

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