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Get to be the best connection between the global talent along with the businesses who will fund them to give them projects. Next Big Technology’s Toptal Clone App will have complete customization which will enable to have various functionalities.

Toptal Clone App Development Services

Next Big Technology’s Toptal Clone App will be the best premium customer ina freelance marketplace available in the market. Freelancer has gained the biggest global recognition due to various talents and qualities which are infused with the demands in the app. We will ensure to provide the best customer satisfaction along with our services. The application is having various powerful features to provide the best freelancing marketplace.

Standalone Features of
Toptal Clone App Development

These are the best possible features is being offered by Next Big Technology’s Toptal Clone App to the users.
Advanced/Enhanced Search
Every user can use the advanced search functionality for searching for various jobs. They can search by using various features based on an hourly rate, experience, domain, specific skill set, profile match, etc.
Secure and Verified Registration
Get the complete secured and verified by station by providing proper documentation including CV, photo, short bio. Verification will be done using various verified government ID Via video calls or through the phone.
Comprehensive Job Listing
Users can post various projects and job offerson the platform to get proper freelancing talent matches.
Freelancers and companies can communicate with each other using the private chat room. This will include properties of discussion along with the probability of maintaining a suitable match with the job profile.
Project Management Tools
The application is infused with a time login feature that will provide proper transparency and track the performance of various freelancers.
Transparent Payment System
All the popular payment methods and gateways are properly integrated into the app. This is one of the testsfor secure and seamless payment experiences you can get using a freelance platform.
CV Generator
The application will feature the intelligent CV generator which will give the downloadable version of the CV which day can use for applying in various freelance jobs.

Working Process
Toptal Clone App Development

Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’s Toptal Clone AppDevelopment.
Register, Login, and Search
Register, login and search for various talent or services in-app.
Modify details and Requirements
Set the proper qualification requirement which is required for the specific project in the app.
Place the Order
Order can be placed in the platform by selecting the bids which are being available in the platform.
Efficient Onboarding
Get the proper involvement and issue solving in a lighting speed manner.
Manage Profile
Easily manage and update various details in the profile using the dashboard of the app.
Into the Action
Search for various freelance jobs in the platform which will be suitable for your talent.

Reason to Choose
Toptal Clone App Development

These are the basic working process of Next Big Technology’s Toptal Clone App Development which will be ensured with every development.
01. Reliability and Expertise
Next Big Toptal Clone App gives the proper reliability by developing the app with expert developer advantages.
02. No Recurring Charges
You can pay for the service one time without any frequent payment requirement for the progress of the project. The project can include all the payments for the support and the development fees with no other additional charges.
03. Ownership and IP Rights
Once the app is completely developed the owner will get the right for IP and the entire ownership.
04. GDPR Compliance
Every application is being developed by us is bound by international law of privacy and security which also includes GDPR.
05. Futuristic Built
We will offer the most advanced version of the development with proper implementation of the features.
06. Multi-Platform Compatibility
The application is completely compatible with the majority of the platforms including Android and iOS. We will expertly build the native application along with cross-platform support for your business.

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