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    OYO Rooms Clone App Development – Online Hotel Booking Service

    Combine hotels in one remarkably feature-rich hotel booking application, such as OYO Rooms. Use your software for connecting clients and hotel owners mostly with features such as hotel catalogs, modern amenities, deep discounts, and even more. You can quickly launch your own hotel booking application with our OYO clone application. Begin right away.

    Develop a Multiple Merchants Hotel Booking App with
    OYO Rooms App Development

    Get the fully loaded online hotel booking room service with Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App. This is the best way to connect hotel or resort owners with customers using the app. Get easier access to hotel discounts, catalogs, and amenities directly from the app.

    Our hotel booking application of NBT comes pre-loaded mostly with the world-class features derived from our heavily developed clone app scripts. Customers will indeed be able to browse a variety of hotels, explicitly search hotels mostly by the keyword, narrow down some results with the search filters, and much more. Begin developing your dream mobile app with our particular Oyo clone app.

    Major Features of OYO Clone App Development

    Get to have all the advanced features on Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App.
    Create a Profile
    Register your profile in the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App using an email address or social media accounts.
    Two factor authentication
    Two-Step Verification
    Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App is having two-step verifications to protect the privacy of the customers. Users need to access the app by using OTP every time they log into the app.
    Easy to Browse
    Easily browse through all the hotel options after proper login into the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App. Users can choose any hotel for their vacation stay using the app.
    Multiple Filters
    Filters in the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App can be used for finding appropriate hotels by specifying amenities, budget, and quality.
    Multiple Payment Options
    Multiple Payment Gateway Options
    Multiple payment options are available for booking any hotels using the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App. Users can use e-wallets, cash, credit card, or debit card for booking payments.
    Explore any hotel or location easily using the advanced search option in the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App.
    In-App Notifications
    All the updates, confirmation, cancellations will be notified to the customers via in-app push notifications.
    Customers Feedback

    Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App enables the customers to add ratings and reviews to the hotels after using the service. This enables other users to get a preview of the experience they will be offered.

    Why Choose
    for OYO Clone App Development

    Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App will help the clients to choose the service without any issue with various benefits.

    Seasoned Developers
    Experienced Developers
    Our team of expert developers will get the job done with customized app features. Branding and optimization will be offered according to the preference of the clients.
    Modest Pricing
    Affordable Pricing
    We offer budget-friendly plans according to the need of the clients on the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App project. All alterations and support are included in the packages with proper details.
    Fast Development
    We are determined to offer the delivery of the Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App project in the promised time frame. We try to deliver the best quality of outcome before the project time.
    Business Models
    Pick Your Business Model

    Choose any business model for Next Big Technology’s OYO Rooms Clone App best for your brand to start earning with the hotel booking service.

    Tech Stack


    Why Choose Us

    An OYO Rooms Clone Development is a website for OYO rooms where people can create and sell their own business. We make the path of customer so easy to book OYO room as it is an online portal. Through our clone app you can book hotels at no time. Customers can be able to go through a wide range of hotels, specifically they can search hotels by keyword, narrow down results with search filters, and more.
    OYO Rooms Clone Development provide many features to our customer so that they can enjoy our app such as Registration where customer can easily create an account by newly signing up with their social media credentials or email, for security reason customer can enable 2 factor authentication, Customer can browse many hotels and can select as per their liking, they can search the hotel by their price range, amenities and more by using filters, customer will also get option of choosing payment option, they can also get the notification related to the booking confirmation and about the package running and we provide them the option to review about the services.
    We provide some advance features as well such as multi language option, in app chat option, precise location details, discounts and offer codes and OYO Rooms Clone Development also provide membership package. Along with that we provide users the option to refer their friends and family to gain credits and offers.

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