Ludo Game Mobile App Development

Online Multiplayer Ludo Game Development for Androird and IOS

LUDO App Development

We are one of the Top Mobile Game App Development Company, who have experienced developers to build Ludo Game App. Our team is well experienced in developing Multiplayer Ludo Game for both Android and IOS. We build high-quality, interactive design and fully functional Ludo games which work on both Offline and Online modes.

Ludo is one of the most popular games played worldwide. We use high-quality graphics and a smooth online multiplayer system, which make our game high performing and pleasing to the eyes. Our team of mobile app developers is well experienced to add any additional functionality or feature in-game as per your needs and our graphic designers are always keeping to present new graphic design options to make a unique and attractive solution as per your need.

Salient features of the Game

  • Play online head to head
  • 3-D gaming experience
  • Invite and play with friends
  • Cash/Cashless game
  • Online and Offline mode
  • Coin Management
  • Daily Free Coins
  • Play anytime, anywhere
  • User-friendly interface
  • Game history
  • Chat with players
  • Auto move system
  • Best user gaming experience
  • Available on both Android & iOS
  • Simple, clean, and easy to use interface
  • Completely native app
  • Great graphics


Control Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Player Management
  • Agent Management
  • Game Management
  • Financial Management
  • Chip Management


User Guide

  • Users will the game app from Google play store or Apple App store
  • The user will then select the mode – computer, local or multiplayer.
  • Players will select the color.
  • According to the selected color, the 4 tokens will be distributed to the players.
  • Players will then roll the dice and move their token ahead in the clockwise direction.
  • In order to enter into the finish line, all tokens have to finish the full turn.
  • An extra turn is received if a player kills the opponent’s token or gets a ‘6’ on the dice.
  • The player who manages to get all the tokens to the end wins the game.



  • Multi-language
  • Login with Facebook
  • Play as a guest
  • Select you country
    1. Select the country from a drop-down list
  • Auto-generate guest name
  • Select profile picture: users can select a profile pic from different options available
  • Display total number of coins user has earned
  • Player statistics
    • Player name
    • Total number of coins earned
    • Game level user is currently on
    • Wins vs. local computer
    • Loses vs. local computer
    • Online multiplayer wins
    • Online multiplayer loses
  • Option to edit the user profile
  • Different types of player modes
    • Play online
      • 2-player mode
      • 4-player mode
  • Select game room
  • Play with friends
    • Create a room: select entry coins for users to join
    • Join a room via private code
  • Play vs. computer – no internet connection required
    • 2-player mode
    • 4-player mode
  • Local Multi-player
    • Single
    • Team-up
  • Settings panel
    1. Audio on/off
    2. Music on/off
    3. Vibrate on/off
    4. Choose Game language
    5. Show game tutorials
    6. Show game rule book
    7. Edit push notifications
  • Token color options
    1. Blue
    2. Red
    3. Yellow
    4. Green
  • Daily free coins
  • Spin a wheel to earn coins
  • ‘Like’ button to like the game on Facebook
  • ‘Share’ button to share the game on Facebook
  • ‘Buy Coins’: the player can purchase coins by paying for it
  • ‘Remove Ads’: players can remove ads by paying fees
  • Save/Load Ludo game option
  • Privately chat with your Facebook friends
  • Customize the game with various theme options

Technology Stack

      • Backend: Node.JS/PHP
      • Unity3D
      • Native Android
        • Programming languages: Java, Kotlin
        • Toolkit: Android Studio & Android Developer Tools
        • SDK: Android SDK
      • Native iOS
        • Programming languages: Swift
        • Toolkit: Apple Xcode
        • SDK: iOS SDK

If you are looking to build a high-quality Ludo Game App as per your ideas, then we can provide you a complete end-to-end solution as per your requirements. We will develop a high-performing and unique style Ludo Game as per your thoughts. Hire Ludo App Developers for your next Ludo Game App Development Project. Please connect with us to discuss your requirements.

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