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    OTT Platform App Development

    We specialize in the development of Live Video Streaming App comparable and to, and even better than, Netflix for your target viewers. With our specially customized Video On Demand Solution we deliver the most advanced and the most engaging TV experience to your gen-next audience.


    Video on Demand Services-Live Video Streaming App Development


    NBT is known for its state-of-the-art end-to-end solution provider for IPTV Service Providers all over the world. We have mastered a fine balance of experience, efficiency and agilityin or development and support teams, who have brought to lifemultiple tailor-made video streaming solutions for Mobile. Our primary driver is to make a reality our client’s dream of operating a Netflix-like, or even better,app by offering the best in industry development tools, service and support. We make it our dream, as your service partners, to help realize your dream of placing your business on the international map.

    We have off-the-shelf, readymade solutions and offer bespoke IPTV solution development for our partners. Our readymade On-Demand Video Streaming Mobile App is based on Netflix App, which has all the essential and basic features for afunctional video streaming app –the prime motive being to your save time, cost and time to market. Additionally, our team hasthe skills to develop a fully customized IPTV Solution for mobile from scratch with advanced features, back-end management tools using latest technologies as per our client’smandate. In custom solution we can offer a wide variety of enriched features for making the Smart TVs of the end-users of our clients, smarter.

    Advantages of Live Video Sharing App like Netflix

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    Top Notch Quality

    Apps like Netflix offer high quality HD videos that can be streamed in multiple quality options. This is to enable end-users cope with varying network and data plan constrains. They have original content with prime focus to engage the audience for maximum duration, by generating, nurturing and sustaining end-user interest in the web-series. Users have the option to watch high quality original content in a quality ranging form the Full-HD to data-saver.


    Ratings and Reviews

    Ratings from other users (internal ratings) and more importantly online rating databases like IMDb (external ratings)allow users to browse the content and add them to their watch list. The IPTV solution we provide allows end-users to preview the ratings, both internal and external,for all web-series. Audience can also rate the content on general scale of 1 to 5. This helps them to make an informed choice and as a result increases their participation level and engagement period as they are now emotionally invested.


    No Ads

    Apps like Netflix offer the content without any distraction.We can provide both a With-Ad basic solution or a Without-Ads Premium solution for your end-users. A premium subscription-based platform does not deliver commercial ads during the series and saves time of the users thereby enhancing their overall streaming experience.


    Easy To Browse

    Our Video-On-Demand Solution for live streaming is easy to use by end-users. Anyone, from 8 to 80, can use this platform with relative ease. As a content generator and manager your team can also manage the back-end CMS with relative ease without any specific technical know-how.

    Our Live Video Streaming App Development Services

    If you wish to develop your signature online streaming platform with a Mobile App and fully functional Website for video streaming and take a deep dive into this lucrative business, then you have come to the right place. We provide a Netflix clone like app development service with a ready-to-go solution that is scalable, robust, efficient and appealinggiving you a very strong head-startover competition for a long term.We also offer various customized entertainment management services for your existing video streaming platform.


    IPTV Application Development

    Our Video On Demand Streaming Solutions team brings together a highly functional IPTV software, which can not only fulfil all the requirements of the users but surpass their expectations.

    Netflix Clone Mobile App Development

    At NBTwe develop enriched, feature rich and highly functional Netflix clone apps with advanced yet user-friendly features for the end-users and backend content managers alike.

    Netflix Clone Website Development

    NBT started its journey years ago as a functional and feature-rich website development company.Its team of experienced developers,with proficiency in latest technologies, translate their experience, insights and efforts to bring to life a highly functional, responsive, and enriched Netflix clone website for Video On Demand.


    IPTV Game Development

    To penetrate the entertainment sector and target the booming online multiplayer market, we offer graphics rich, engaging and immersive IPTV game development services to our clients.

    IPTV Application Integration Service

    We integrate all popular social media accounts of the end-users with the IPTV Platform to share what they are watching with friends, family and followers right away. We also provide the client’s platform integration to major social media platforms for engaging with existing and potential customers.

    Priority Maintenance and Support

    NBT provides 100% maintenance and remote and on-site client support for the IPTV platforms. Out 99.99% uptime service, remote monitoring and error reporting features alert us before most issues are even noticed by the client or their end-users.

    Key Feature of Video Streaming App

    User Accounts and Profile

    Users can customize their experience and manage their profiles as they like. They can choose their display name and avatar, save their data consumption, network, notification and language preferences and set-up billing and payment services.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    The Video OnDemand Platform supports multiple online payment modes both in INR and in international currency. We provide secure and safe integration with all major payment gateways, UPI, PayPal, etc. The end-user can also see their transaction history. Your user/subscription management team can download customizable reports generated on the fly through a dashboard.


    Video Search

    The App and website, like Netflix, helps end-users to search their favouritemovies, web-series, episodes, or shows using title, season, cast name, genres, director, etc. The search results are categorized further by national or global content, type asmovie or TV Shows or web-series, language, ratings, and any other relevant criteria.


    Comments and Feedbacks

    On IPTV Streaming App and website, users can comment and share their views and opinions about the episode or series. They can start a thread of conversation where they can tag other users and upvote/like their comments.


    Notification and Upcomings

    The Video OnDemand Platform has push notifications facility allowing you to customize and send targeted notifications to all or a class of end-users.These notifications can be for a new launch, premiers, user account related, or app service related. The notification service allows scheduling and in-app cross-linking facility.


    Review and Ratings

    Users can write reviews and rate TV shows, web-series or movies. They can also read the reviews and ratings of other users, experts and online databases like IMDb.


    User Playlist

    Watch later, playlist, playing queue and recommendations are some of the features of Video OnDemand platform helps user to keep track of their favorite shows and movies. The personalized play lists can be shared with their friends or even made public for all to see.


    Cross Platform Support

    Our solution ofVideo OnDemand platform supports all types of devices – Smart TVs to PC, from Tablets to Mobiles; and all types of platforms – Androidand AppleOS.


    Multiple Language Support

    The interface language can be easily managed by your content management team. Users can set and change theirdefault language easily from settings. Our platform can switch from one language to another with just one tap or one click.

    Social Media Log In

    Not every user will create their new user accounts on the platform. So we provide authentication and single sign-on using Google and social platformslike Facebook.

    Live Video Streaming Web and App Development


    Our proprietary Netflix clone scriptprovides you with Readymade IPTV Solution like Netflix. This is an ideal choice to save time and cost while launching your platform at the earliest. The Netflix app clone has been designed to provide all the basic and advanced features of the popular video streaming app. These features have become the essential bar to enter the market.

    Our off-the-shelf readymade Netflix Clone App supportsfeatures such as Video Sharing, Multiple Language support, Social Media Integration, Live Video Streaming, App monetization, Subscription management, In-video Advertisements, Push notifications, User Friendliness, etc., to give a strong platform for your original content to stand tall.

    Are you looking for Live Video Streaming App like Netflix

    Why Choose us for your IPTV Solution?


    Skilled Developers

    We have a strong team of experienced developers from all over the world, who have years of experience in the web and app development.


    Highly Experienced team

    NBT’s highly skilled team is a combination of network engineers, cloud architects, social media engineers, UI/UX engineers and many more.


    Client & Data Security

    The details of clients and their end-users all are kept with utmost confidentiality. The team members have access to different modules or components of the system on strictly needs basis. The user data is never exposed to anyone and is always kept in encrypted mode on highly secure servers.


    Priority Support

    NBT’s support team is available 24×7 for the clients and their end-users. Our in-built app monitoring service provides anonymous feedback without compromising the user privacy. Regular updates and patches are also released to let user enjoy a secure and world class streaming experience.

    Develop a Live Video Streaming Solution