Indiegogo Clone App Development

Get to create your online marketplace with various new ideas by entrepreneurs and have proper support from the investors.
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Indiegogo Clone App Development Services

Get out funding for various projects and ideas of intracranial and have the best wishes of being the biggest entrepreneur. Allow various rising entrepreneur to embrace their project to have proper funding. All the creativity of various entrepreneurs needs to be showcased around the world which will be helped by the Next Big Technology’s Indiegogo Clone App. We will ensure to change the complete entrepreneurship in a dynamic world.

Features of
Indiegogo Clone App Development

These are the best possible features is being offered by the Next Big Technology’s Indiegogo Clone App Development to the users.
Social Media Login-4
Social Media Login
The app we have complete integration with social media which will allow the user to get connected with the ideas and use them for login.
Payment Options
Payment Gateways
The app is having integrated support for the biggest number of global payment gateways for convenient and faster transactions.
Browse Projects
The app will use the PHP feature which will allow the visitation invested to browse to various projects and understand the pitch.
The app will be catering to go global investors which is why the app is integrated with all the popular languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, etc.
Choose Projects to Fund
Every investor can easily find any project according to their appeal by selecting it from the list. They will also have the ability to fund multiple projects at the same time easily.

How Does the
Indiegogo Clone App Work?

The Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’sIndiegogo Clone App.
01. Step
The user needs to install the application on their preferred platform including Android, iOS, and web. They need to register with requested credentials using an email id or phone number for proper access
02. Step
After the registration process is completed, the user will get the complete list of fund speakers along with the projects with the proper information relating to the project.
03. Step
Users and investors can browse various projects which are listed on the crowdfunding platform.
04. Step
Investors can now choose the project which will be happening to them which they are required to fund accordingly.
05. Step
Fund collection can be done by splitting into two different parts by pre-assigned commission to the administrator of the platform and added to the campaign creator.
06. Step
Campion creator and investor will both be notified with various notifications regarding the funds being raised or donated.
07. Step
The app admin will update all the phones been raised and share them with the project on the platform.

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