Hulu Clone App Development

The most advanced Hulu clone application for helping to bring the on-demand particular video streaming platform and application to life. Let us now get you started to stream videos today!

Our Streaming Solutions For Rich User Experience

Be the world’s leading on-demand online video streaming services which offer movies, Television shows, documentaries and so much more through your personalized Hulu Clone. Cater to further millions of users using your own video sharing app built and created from our powerful and effective Hulu clone application. Users will download the new TV shows and even movies to your own website built from Hulu Clone Script PHP or to a dedicated application just like Hulu. Best part of NBT is that the truly dedicated on-demand online video streaming site somewhat like Hulu will have all the premium features to help it for standing out from the rest.

Hulu Clone App Key Features

Social Media-1
Social Media Login & Registration

Users of NBT can easily log in back directly to the app via their own particular social media accounts, which includes Facebook, Google+ and some others.

Video Player
Video Player With Advance Features

The application and otherwise website of NBT will consist of an internal built-in video player which allows the users to play some TV shows, movies and more easily.

Admin Panel-1
Interactive & User Friendly Dashboard

Admins can easily track and manage the full functionality of the whole online video streaming platform.

Advanced Search Functionality

Users can indeed search for their favourite movies and otherwise TV shows by just entering their own name. The result is dependent on particular user inputs will be usually shown.

Newsletter & Advertisements

Automatically update regular users with all the new information mostly on upcoming Television shows, movies and otherwise documentaries with daily newsletters.

Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design

The company’s website and therefore the application will be systematically programmed to ensure simple user experience.


You will combine a wide range of languages, which includes English, Mandarin, Spanish and some others, for the entire audience.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Users of NBT can always subscribe once again to the platform via various encrypted payment gateways somehow coupled with multiple kind of payment methods.

Push Notifications & Alerts

Users are updated regularly with personalized updates, including push notifications, emails, text messages and some as well as per the discretion of admins.

High Quality Hulu Clone Video-Sharing Platform App Development Services

We appreciate the value of your own project and take the last half mile to somehow ensure that your own video sharing website and otherwise application meets your requirements. Ideas remarkably similar to Hulu, such as with video streaming platforms and more, are indeed implemented pretty seamlessly. With our awesome development solution, then you really get the following:


Supreme features

  • Striking design and interactive user-interface.

End-to-end customization support


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How to generate revenue with Hulu Clone App?

The Hulu Clone however is a revenue-generating engine which can be conveniently configured to meet your own revenue targets.

Membership/Subscription Fees

Users of NBT paying monthly/annual subscription fees can become active members of the whole Hulu video-streaming clone application. They will have access to the unlimited Television shows, movies and all of the documentaries as per your own service policy.


Advertisements Service providers can indeed place ads on the official website and application for users, subscribers or visitors to somehow view and otherwise click. Ad spaces will be strategically positioned for optimal viewing.


Yes, perhaps the Hulu clone of NBT however 100% is customizable and can easily fulfil all of your own requests. Genre, native language, and other such filters can be further infused mostly with your own video streaming software.

You will own the full source code of Hulu clone, programmed and built to meet your needs.

Yes, with your particular dedicated administrator panel, you can adjust the cost of your own subscription according to your particular requirements. You can also inform your own users of the pretty same through email, push notifications, SMS and some others.

No, your own particular Hulu Clone video streaming of NBT is indeed designed and built to simply allow an effectively infinite number of the users for subscribing to and using your services. However still, the same can actually be modified according to your discretion.

Yeah, after launch, we would be pleased to assist you with pretty much any kind of enhancement requirements. Further specifics can be shared with our technical experts.   

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