Next Big Technology’s Robust Cash Advance App Development

Give users the best way to receive cash in advance through this finance app. Create a customized user interface and functionality is according to the preference and launch it to the platform.

Next Big Technology’s Cash Advance App Development

Next Big Technology’s Cash Advance app will give the best financial solution by giving advance access to the money which day have earned. This app will allow a user to receive the paycheck before the payday and they can pay it back after receiving the salary. This advance payment service is provided by the app with a very nominal field to the users without any hidden money. It is the digital representation of the credit card or microfinance loan with the elimination of high-interest rates. This app will be useful for most people who are having trouble managing their finances properly.

Pivotal Features of Next Big Technology’s
Cash Advance App Development

These are the best possible features is being offered by the Next Big Technology’s Cash AdvanceApp to the users.
User Signup / Login
Users can use different credentials for login into the Next Big Technology’s Cash Advance App using email id, phone number, and even social media accounts.
Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration
Almost every social media platform is being integrated into the app which will allow the user to sign up or login. This will allow the users to quickly login option with social media credentials.
OTP Verification
Every user needs to confirm their identity by OTP verification which will be received to them via SMS or Email Id.
Celebrity Profiles
Create Profiles
Every user will have the ability to create and manage the profile details easily from the profile management. They can edit contact numbers, names, Bank information, and any other data related to the app.
KYC Verification
Every user needs to fill up a KYC verification form and upload various documents which are necessary for confirming the identity of the user.
Link Bank Accounts
Link Bank Accounts
A bank account needs to be linked with the app to get financial access. Open the app will ask for all bank statements and various other details to provide you with the proper transaction.
Lending Amount Calculator
Every user will have a limitation of cash collection depending on the details which are being provided to the app during the KYC verification.
Generate Invoices
Every invoice will be created automatically after the transaction is complete for the future reference need to be used by the user.
In-App Wallet
E-wallet is also integrated into the app which will allow the user to get an advance payment.

Reason to ChooseNext Big Technology’s
Cash Advance App Development

Next Big Technology is one of the largest developers of app development services. We have listed all the possible reasons to choose Next Big Technology’sCash Advance App.
User-Friendly Interface
Every app we develop will have the best and creative user interface which is user-friendly and responsive.
Time-Effective Solutions
We will develop all the apps in the promised and quickest time possible with advanced tools and Technology. We will make sure to have your App launched as soon as possible.
Data Security
All of your App is having high-end Technologies similar to blockchain in which provides end-to-end encryption. There is various integration regarding the security and safety of the user data in the app.
API Integration
API Integration
Our developers have integrated various third-party APIs is in the application which will give seamless functionality of the app.
Native / Cross-Platform Apps
Our developers are experienced in both native and cross-platform apps. You can select the requirement according to the brand and we will ensure to give you the proper delivery.
Technical Support
Free Technical Support
We will offer you free technical support even after the deployment of the app on the platforms. We will give free technical support for a while after that you need to avail paidmaintenance support which can be affordable by any individual.

Development Process of Next Big Technology’s
Cash Advance App Development

These are the development process of the Next Big Technology’s Cash Advance App which will be properly implemented for every app development. Understand our work path before choosing our service for app development.
01. Ideation
We will properly understand the requirement of the project to have a complete idea before developing it. We will have discussion sessions with the client to brainstorm on the project regarding the time and budget.
02. App Design
Our developers will creatively give the best app design with unique functionalities and user interface. Our team of experts will use the best possible tools to give you innovative user interface designs which will grab the attention of the user.
03. Back-end Development
We will use all the advanced features and tools and technologies to give you the best robust back-end development. We will completely make sure of all the functions and capabilities are properly implemented.
03. Testing and Deployment
Every app will go through the testing phase properly to eliminate all the bugs and glitches. This will ensure the secure deployment into various uploads from like iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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