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WordPress security has always been food for thought. Even though most of the latest updates deal with WordPress security issues, there is still a lot that can be done to improve that security, even by the less tech-savvy of us. Here, I’d like to enumerate some suggestions on how to improve security on your WordPress website for the best WordPress security.
WordPress itself has a list on WordPress security you might want to read. Of course, some of the things in that list will be repeated in the article below. Personally, I prefer a more hands on list and direction; that’s why we decided to write this article about the best WordPress security.

-Site stats & analytics
-Social sharing
-Enhanced distribution

-Plugin auto-updates
-Bulk site management
-Centralized posting

-Convenient widgets
-Custom image galleries
-Easy CSS editing

WPSessions is a learning platform; Sucuri is a security company. This partnership bridges that gap to offer customers the best of both worlds.
-Get your hacked website cleaned
-Protect your website from hacks
-A complete website security solution