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e-commerce websites are on a rise today, people prefer shopping from home rather than going to physical stores. Entrepreneurs are realizing this trend and are shifting towards the online marketplace scenario. There are many e-commerce development platforms are available today but when it comes to easy, fast, efficient and user-friendliness then WooCOmmerce is a clear winner. It is built on a very popular WordPress platform.

Why choose WooCommerce?

  • WooCommerce is open source
  • WooCommerce is highly customizable
  • Built on highly secure platform
  • Integration with CMS (Content Management system)
  • A large and worldwide community of users
  • Unlimited users, unlimited products, unlimited orders

Create aesthetically beautiful e-commerce store

  • Thosands of free and premium popular themes to choose from
  • Unlimited and unrestricted customization for every aspect of your website
  • Add categories, tags, attributes to the products to classify them and help users find similar products using these categories
  • Customer reviews and feedbacks about the products including ‘verfied user’ label
  • Multicurrecy support
  • Multilingual support
  • Unlimited products listings
  • Add any number of photos to your products, also add a featured image for the products
  • Advanced sorting and filtering options based on popularity, price, newness etc.

WooCommerce Developers

Sell any types of products

  • Sell shippable physical products or downloadable digital content products
  • Variety of payment options: popular payment gayewyas like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Receive payment from credit cards, debit cards or Cash on Delivery
  • Shipping options include home delivery, pick up from local sorting hubs or warehouses
  • Varied shipping rate, fixed rate upto a distance then rate varies with distance. Free shipping within specified circles or totally free shipping (for some soecified items or on all items)
  • Automated tax calculations for the products being shipped based on loaction like city, state

Easy customer and order management

  • Easy customer registration, login reminders
  • Guest login feature
  • Easy and hassle free refunds
  • Easy inventory management: check stock level, get notofications after stocks hits a specified minimum level, auto updation of stock level after products ins and outs.
  • Automated e-mail and SMS notifications after at critical intervals after customer places an order, after order is confirmed, after order is dispatched and after order is received by the customer.

Optimize your e-commerce store

  • SEO for your e-commerce store to get better rankings and reach target audience
  • Cuopons and discounts options on select products for a given time period
  • Show related products to what your customers have already serached for.
  • Review your vital stats including sales, refunds, popular products and categories

Our expert WooCommerce Developers at NEXT BIG TECHNOLOGY has years of experience in developing WooCommerce sites, we have developed some of the award-winning e-commerce websites and apps. If you are looking to get developed a website or an app please GET IN TOUCH WITH US and bring your business idea into reality. Our WooCommerce Developers are always ready to help you.

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