Build An Optimized & White-Labeled Vacation Rental App

We provide best Vacation Rental Application Solutions which are totally customizable, packed with some cutting-edge features, and easily integrated into your own existing company. With our comprehensive Vacation rental Script, you can better take advantage of anything the industry has actually to offer.

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A Sturdy Vacation Rental Application

The global marketplace now for the vacation rental apps has indeed grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, thanks to the rise in popularity of further “peer-to-peer” and otherwise “shared economy” businesses. Such projects’ achievement has bolstered perhaps the total hospitality industry now in unimaginable ways. What began as a niche market somewhere in the ‘business of vacation rental ‘ has indeed evolved into a full-fledged, robust and reliable industry within it.

We here at NBT specialize in developing custom Vacation Rental mobile apps which are extremely functional and cost-effective, with a short turnaround time. The time actually has never ever been better for a profitable investment here in this thriving industry. Partner along with an established business like ours to gain an advantage in this highly competitive market and perhaps take the very first step towards a long and successful career.

Features Of Our Vacation Rental Application

Pannel for Host & Guest

Admins and otherwise service providers here will be given access to a powerful car dashboard which allows them to easily monitor and otherwise control the application’s functionalities.

Map Integration for Destinations

This is intended to improve user convenience.

Explore & Filter

Users can indeed choose their preferred vacation spot using a dedicated searching box that displays the venue’s exact location mostly on a map which is dedicated.

In-app Chat

Users and perhaps hosts can now communicate with one another through internal messaging here for convenience. This actually helps to conceal all parties’ contact information.

Social Media Integration

Users can particularly log in the application using their certain social media accounts. Designed with the user’s comfort in mind.

Multiple Languages & Currency Support

Many languages, including English, Mandarin, French, Spanish, and some others, can be seamlessly integrated. According to the client’s specifications, the application can be tailored to accept a variety of currencies.

Monitor Bookings

Hosts and guests can easily monitor and maintain their bookings.

Payment History

This is a popular feature in which both users and otherwise hosts of NBT can indeed view all the particular transaction history through the application.

Monitor Transaction

Our highly advanced monitoring system enables the service providers to easily monitor the daily transactions.

Deploy and Monitor
Your Expansive Vacation Rental App Network

Fully Customization

Stand out totally from the crowd with a custom-made, highly personalized solution.

Timely Deliverable

We understand the value of time, so we make certain that our goods are ready to ship as soon as possible.

Low Budget

Whenever compared to options, our Vacation rental mobile app is extremely cost-effective and will save you a significant amount of money.

User Friendly
Easy-To-Use For Users

One of the crucial aspects of an application is its usability and the ease with which potential customers can complete their important tasks — and our particular Vacation rental app checks all of the particular boxes.

Third-Party Integrations
API Integrations

We at NBT optimize your potential by allowing you to easily incorporate third-party applications into our Vacation rental application.

How Does Our
Vacation Rental Application Works?

Our Vacation Rental App’s Simplified Workflow

01. User Registeration

The app prompts the visitors to log in.

02. Browse Listings

Guests are given access to all of the listings in the physical location of their choosing.

03. Book Residence

Whenever people find a listing which meets their requirements, they should book it ahead of time for further approval.

04. Secure Payments

The particular booking request is presented to the host. They have actually the option available to them for accepting or declining the invitation.

05. Accept/Reject Booking

When the request is accepted, the visitors are indeed prompted to make a payment.

06. Host Approval

Guests can immediately reserve their accommodations for the desired dates by paying in a variety of ways.

04. Check-in

Once the full payment is accepted, visitors can easily check in on the specified date.

05. Check-out

Guests may check-out at particularly any time on the very last day of their own stay.

06. Ratings & Reviews

Both the hotel guest and therefore the host are asked to rate their own respective booking experiences.

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