Top Reasons Why Vue.js Is Becoming the Most Trending JS-based Framework in 2021

Vue JS Developers

We all are familiar with React and Angular JavaScript frameworks. Recent days, any web developer has witnessed the growth of Vue.js as many developers are using this framework for building impressive web interfaces.

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js was built by Evan You, an ex-employee of Google. It was built and released in the year 2014. Moreover, it is a progressive JavaScript framework which is used to build web interfaces and these interfaces which are developed are very much interactive as well. This framework is maintained by Evan and his team.

Vue.js is a cumulative structure model which is easily adaptable. It also assists in extending HTML along with HTML elements called directives.


Now, let us find out the top reasons why Vue.js is becoming the most trending JS-based framework:


  1. Adaptable and Standard development environment:

The main benefit of using Vue.js is mainly it utilizes components in web development. Any development which is done utilizing components helps in reducing the time taken to develop any stuff. It also helps in the scaling of the applications. Vue.js will prove highly beneficial for implementing large scale projects and aids in the conversion of the source code to the preprocessors across webpack.

It adapts and adjusts itself to all the developmental circumstances and hence extensively being used in the recent days.


  1. Variable along with good access to libraries:

Using Vue in your upcoming projects is really good idea because you tend to use many tools and also libraries which are very helpful while developing any application. Vue.js itself comes with some developmental tools which you can use them. Also, if you have queries, you can go to libraries and refer if you have uncertainties. There is Vue routing for routing. Mapping and Vuex exist for state management.

You can have access to libraries to clarify your queries. So, there are many means through which you can clear your issues.

Moreover, you can debug your application in live system for finding any faults and you can rectify and edit your application lively. This is an important factor because you can find the faults and replace with corrective coding techniques when the front-end application is live.


  1. Great performance:

We all are aware that performance of a website is very important.  When Vue.js is used in the project, it tends to perform well in terms of speed compared to React and Angular frameworks. When you look at any mobile app which is working on Vue.js, it performs at a good speed compared to other JavaScript frameworks. You can expect the mobile app to perform at a good speed and also the page loads at a considerably good reliable time which is a positive factor for any Vue JS Developers

  1. Lively community:

Lively Vue community in the sense there are many conferences and meetups scheduled on a regular basis. If you attend them, it’s worth your time because you come to know of any new updates, changes and implementations. Moreover the front end Vue community is amazingly getting stronger.

The community which is managed by Evan You is growing bigger and will considerably grow in the years to come to support many Vue JS Developers

Vue JS Developers

  1. Effortless learning:

If you are already a developer, you just need to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to work using Vue.js framework.

If you are already a developer and new to Vue.js, you can learn the framework easily because you just need to have a good hold on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apart from that the guide and the documentation which Vue.js provides is excellent and sufficient enough to build a basic and simple Vue.js framework application. You don’t need to have more complex developmental skills and knowledge on Typescript, JSX, ES2015 and as such.

Hence many developers are showing interest in learning this wonderful framework due to its excellent documentation and guide and also due to the flexible nature of Vue.js framework.


  1. Provision of HTML templates:

When working with Vue.js, it facilitates by increasing the developer’s capacity as there are HTML templates available and it especially helps the developers who are good hold on HTML. HTML templates aids in starting reactivity attributes in already pre-existing applications. Moreover, the templates which are collated by Vue.js aids in containing the effective DOM extend functionality when there is any change in state will help in supplying the least number of manipulations to DOM.


  1. Used by many big organizations:

Many big giants use Vue.js such as Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Alibaba, Grammarly, Behance and many more.

Another major benefit is there is no need to look out for specific Vue.js developers into your project. You can easily hire React.js developer or hire Angular.js developer as they are easy to find and these developers can learn Vue.js and you can implement your web applications using Vue.js. Due to this factor, you can save few dollars.

All these features make Vue.js as a great framework as it diminishes the development time and saves a lot of costs for the business.


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As discussed above, Vue.js has considerably reduced a lot of development time and has eased the process of development for the developers. Summing up, we can conclude using Vue.js for developing your web applications can save a lot of cost, easier to learn due to which many developers can easily adapt to this amazing framework, assures great performance and hence used by many big organizations. Apart from all these, there are many development tools and libraries which can be of great help to any developer.

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