Shopify vs Volusion: A Factor-by-Factor Comparison

Shopify vs Volusion

Shopify and Volusion are both fantastic platforms for creating an online store. You don’t need to install any software to utilize the platforms because they’re both completely hosted. For a monthly subscription, they provide a variety of marketing, design, and e-commerce services. You may sell any goods or services using these platforms without having any technological knowledge.

Volusion first appeared on the scene in 1999, but Shopify has grown in popularity since then. Volusion was redesigned in 2016 to include more sophisticated features and integration. Shopify is bigger and more popular than Volusion, according to Google Trends.

Shopify and Volusion are very different when it comes to scalability. This article compares Shopify vs Volusion based on a number of aspects. The comparison will assist you in selecting the best alternative for your needs.


Shopify vs. Volusion: A Comparison Based on Various Factors



To get started with Shopify or Volusion, you don’t need any technical skills. They have a powerful dashboard that allows you to add inventory, see analytics, complete orders, and change settings.

Although Volusion’s platform has just been revamped to increase UX, Shopify’s theme editor is more simplified. You may use Shopify to create sections that utilize the same design as the main theme.

Shopify makes it simple to start and maintain an online business, while the Volusion setup is more difficult.



Shopify has three core options, ranging from $29 to $299, as well as two customizable plans: Shopify Lite ($9), which allows you to sell on social networking sites and blogs, and Shopify Plus, which starts at $2000 per month and is a tailored solution for large organizations.

Volusion offers a four-tiered plan ($29-$299) as well as Volusion Prime, a bespoke plan whose price is determined by your needs. Shopify’s options have no restrictions on the number of goods or sales, but Volusion’s ($29) plan is limited to annual sales of less than $50,000.

You won’t have to pay transaction fees if you use Volusion pricing options. Depending on your plan level, you’ll have to pay a 0.5 to 2 percent transaction charge on anything you buy. You won’t have to pay transaction fees if you utilize Shopify Payments. Unfortunately, this is true when selling from some nations.

If your selected nation is not included on the list, you can choose from hundreds of third-party payment processors that charge transaction fees.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is built-in functionality in Shopify’s Basic Plan ($29). To use the same features, you must join up for at least a Professional plan, which costs $79 per year. Shopify includes POS tools in all of its plans, but Volusion does not.

Shopify offers more value for money. The fact that Volusion doesn’t charge transaction fees is a big plus, especially if you sell in countries that don’t use Shopify Payments.



Shopify and Volusion both include a number of professional, contemporary, and mobile-friendly free and premium themes. Volusion has fewer options and is less versatile when it comes to personalization. It has 18 free themes, but Shopify only hasten.

You should think about how simple it is to locate and adjust accessible themes. Shopify makes it simple to narrow down your search by price, industry, and style. Volusion doesn’t have any filters at all. Volusion does not have a user-friendly UI or good customization features like Shopify does.

Shopify outperforms Volusion in terms of usability and range of design themes.

Which is the Best Platform for Your Online Store: Shopify or Volusion?


Which platform is better, Shopify or Volusion?

Apps, themes, and functionalities are all better on Shopify. Volusion improved certain connectors and introduced some new capabilities, but it still has to provide a lot more to compete with Shopify’s popularity and services.

Volusion, on the other hand, maybe a better alternative if you want a more economical solution with no transaction costs, regardless of payment method. It’s also ideal for subscription services, wholesale, and product variations/options with no limits.

So, pick the best solution for your needs and make an impact on your online business.

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