Phonegap App Development

PhoneGap is a free and open source framework. This open source and free framework allows creating mobile apps and is used with standardised web APIs. PhoneGap also allows freedom from compiling apps that are built using PhoneGap and provides app-store ready solutions. PhoneGap also offers relief from maintaining native SDK, and the framework is also provided with cloud compiling and compound. Though most businesses prefer apps focussed for iOS and Android, it is very important to develop apps that are also compatible with BlackBerry, Windows based phone and also a range of other handheld and mobile devices running on a variety of operating systems. This is to make your apps or business more available to the widest possible range of internet users; PhoneGap app development solves all these minute problems for your business requirement.

Nextbigtechnology takes cross-platform app development to the next level with PhoneGap toolset, plugins, third-party tools, and the framework built-in SDKs. We design beautiful apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and Windows mobile platforms, apps that are performance packed and consumes lesser space on mobile devices.

PhoneGap App Development and Nextbigtechnologyare almost synonymous, our developers simply are the Best PhoneGap App Developers on the market. There’s a reason for that, in the business of web development there’s one service we are known for, and that’s beautifully seamless technology. We hold no bars when it comes to our imagination but paradoxically, we also excel at creating strategically sound products that help client companies succeed every day. We believe that it is this inherently strategic design oriented approach that makes us truly different from the rest.

-An open source project to work on.
-One time code for iOS, Android, and Windows compatible apps.
-Easy and quick integration of third-party APIs.
-Requires using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
-Highly compatible testing and porting.
-Interaction with Hardware and its functionality.