OYO ROOMS Clone Application Development

Combine hotels in one remarkably feature-rich hotel booking application, such as OYO Rooms. Use your software for connecting clients and hotel owners mostly with features such as hotel catalogs, modern amenities, deep discounts, and even more. You can quickly launch your own hotel booking application with our OYO clone application. Begin right away.

Develop a Multiple Merchants Hotel Booking App with our
OYO Like Clone Script

Our best and secure scripts enable various hotel vendors to seamlessly integrate with your own software. The scripts write code for 3 apps that play three critical roles. They are actually the customer, the seller, and the administrative app.

Our hotel booking application of NBT comes pre-loaded mostly with the world-class features derived from our heavily developed clone app scripts. Customers will indeed be able to browse a variety of hotels, explicitly search hotels mostly by the keyword, narrow down some results with the search filters, and much more. Begin developing your dream mobile app with our particular Oyo clone app.

OYO Clone App features

Provide your clients with simple software that allows them to book hotels with ease.

Create a Profile

Customers at NBT now can easily establish an account mostly on the application by signing up for the first time or otherwise logging in using their social media professional credentials.

Two factor authentication
Two Step Verification

Customers of NBT should allow two-factor authentication. By allowing it, they will indeed be required to enter an OTP each time they actually log in. This improves security.

Easy to Browse

After just logging in, you can view a variety of hotels. Customers here will be able to choose whichever one they want.

Multiple Filters

With the help of filters, searching results can be further narrowed down to a particular price range, modern amenities, and further more.

Multiple Payment Options
Multiple Payment Gateway Options

Customers should pay for the hotel reservations with cash, debit/credit cards, or otherwise online wallets.


Customers can somehow use the search bar to locate a particular hotel by entering a keyword.

In-App Notifications

Customers also will be alerted of any changes in the particular hotel booking status through push notifications and otherwise alerts.

Customers Feedback

Potential customers who have previously stayed at the particular hotel can leave feedback, and newer ratings can also be added.

Why Choose NBT As Your OYO Clone App Development Company?

Seasoned Developers
Experienced Developers
Our specialist developers use cutting-edge app development methods to create your own hotel booking software.
Modest Pricing
Affordable Pricing
Because of our particular experience in developing hundreds of applications for happy clients, we can offer you the most affordable application development pricing.
Fast Development
Our main aim at NBT is to build the particular software to absolute perfection in a timely manner, and we stand by our particular word.
Business Models
Pick Your Business Model
Use your own particular business model for deriving revenue from your own software, or otherwise choose from one of our many revenue models.

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