Zillow Clone

Zillow Clone

Zillow, is an American online real estate database company that generates revenue by selling advertising on its website. We have created a clone of Zillow that allows you to:

  1. Buy a home
  2. Sell a home
  3. Rent a home

This clone has website,  Android App, and iOS App. The search engine displays results from the user queries and display them with information like: price, number of rooms, total area, location on the goolge maps, floor plan, 3D view of the property, image gallery. It also displays near by amenities like schools, hospitals, landmarks.


You can share these properties on social media and can save them for later review. You can also contact agents to book a time slot to personally visit the property.


The clone allows you to apply and get home loans to buy a property, calculate mortgage rates, and affordability.










Zillow Clone

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