Chat Bot Development

Chat Bot Development

We have created this chat bot using natural language processing and machine learning that impersonates human conversation. When a user asks any questions to the bot, its algorithms analyze the input and based on it pulls up a response.
The bot is used in live chat with users via text or text to speech and can handle multiple users at a time saving time and cost for the companies.
This AI powered chat bot is fed with predefined responses, they learn from the past responses and do not need to be updated manually every time. AI chatbots first understand what the intent behind the customer’s question is, and come back with a relevant answer, rather than a predefined set of responses. These bots help brands to communicate with users around the cock across multiple sales channels, saving the hefty costs of customer service.
Our chat bot can be seamlessly integrated with websites and mobile applications. It has a vast range of applications for all the industry sectors mentioned below:

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