Babysitter Mobile App

Babysitter Mobile App

This apps lets parents find a babysitter for their children anytime, whether it be nighttime or daytime.  Parents can create requests which can be responded to by the babysitters available at that time. Parents can pay for the services via in-app payment gateway.  Verification of sitters is done to ensure safety.  By using this app you can keep a close eye on your children and can concentrate on your work. 

App displays a live map of available babysitters near them that with their details, they can find the best babysitters in their area, check their background and previous work experience and hire them whenever they need.

Users can pay to the babysitters using the online payment gateways and also can rate, review the babysitters for their services.

The app has 3 components:

  1. End user app
  2. Baby sitter app
  3. Admin Panel









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