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Online Dating App Development:

Dating applications are becoming more popular due to the app functionality. The users can find suitable match and due to the current busy lifestyle of people there is no time to find an exact and acceptable partner. Hence the app does this task for the users. We have already observed the popularity of dating applications such as Tinder, Bumble and many more. When the user feeds his/her details such as hobbies, interests related to food, travelling, dancing, singing, etc. the back – end algorithm in the app operates by searching, picking and suggesting names to the user based on the details. The functionality operates by searching similar lines and finally a match is created. The user can easily find a partner according to the his/her preferences.


Online Dating App Development Company:

Are you having any idea to start an online dating app? And are you looking for the best online dating app development company? Then your search ends here! We are here for you! We can build customized mobile dating applications on which ever platform you need.

We can build flawless applications on either Android or iOS. We can implement any kind of novel and interesting feature according to your needs. Our dating app development solutions would profit you and users as well.

We value time and money and therefore we can promise that our products would be of high-quality and as we deliver the software in time as we are time bound.

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Features of dating mobile app:

  1. Registration/Sign-up: User can register by giving all the necessary details and can access the app.

  2. Social media login: Users can access the app using social media links as it is easy to import the user’s details.

  3. Settings: The user can personalize the profile accordingly.

  4. Profile locating: The user can modify the setting preferences as they need.

  5. Like/Dislike buttons: The user can either swipe to right to like or swipe to left to dislike the profile.

  6. In – app chat: The user can use this feature to chat.

  7. In – app video call: The user can make a video call using this feature.

  8. Premium upgradation: If user want to upgrade the account to premium then this attribute can be utilized so that the user can access many features.

  9. Location proposals: The user can modify the settings and can turn this feature on to receive notifications regarding proposals based on nearby location.

  10. Payment integrations: If the user is interested in upgrading the account to premium or want to subscribe – the relevant facilities can be obtained once payment is made. Many payment gateways are integrated so that payments can be done easily.

  11. AI: We use artificial intelligence so that the users can find suitable partner.

  12. Customer support: The users can utilize this feature in order to contact the support team if in case there are any issues.

  13. Help: This attribute can aid users to refer to any questions or doubts.

  14. History: The user can refer to the past history to track activities which are done in the app.

  15. Log out: The user can come out of the app when not required.

  16. Tips: The user could receive small tips regarding dating such as how to find exact partner of their liking, etc.

  17. Push notifications: The user could receive notifications through the attribute.

  18. Offline access: The user can access the app when offline.

  19. Block users: The user can block if they are facing any issues.

  20. News/Blogs: This segment can provide many informative articles to the app users.

  21. Bookmark: The user can bookmark any profile if they are interested.

  22. Answer/Reject: The user can either answer or reject for the proposals.

  23. Upload images: The user can upload images of his/her choice.

  24. Suggestions: The user can receive dating partner suggestions.

  25. Discounts/Offers: The user can utilize any offers provided.

  26. Multi-language: The user can opt for preferred language in order to have better interaction with the app.
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  1. Manage user accounts: The admin manages the accounts of the users and accordingly can suspend or delete the user account if there is any misbehavior observed.

  2. Manage e-mails, discounts, complaints, payments, etc.

  3. CMS: Access to CMS empowers the admin to publish content in a timely manner.

  4. Google analytics: The admin can get to know the performance of the dating business – revenue and details.

The role of admin is to manage several activities so we can help you in adding a greater number of features according to your needs.

Security is another prominent feature which we give more importance. The dating app must be protected and secure so that the customers data is preserved.

There are several attributes which we have already implemented for our clients. And our beloved clients are happy for our work. We have managed and handled several complex projects and we can customize 100%.

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Why choose us?

  1. We design the app with mesmerizing features which attracts everyone.

  2. Our top most priority when developing dating applications is security. Apps built by us are 100% safe, secure and protected.

  3. Our developers are skilled and experienced. They are proficient and smart to tackle any kind of issues or challenges in the project.

  4. We can assure the product to be of top-notch quality.

  5. We offer support services too once the project ends.

  6. We hand-over bug free software.

  7. We can implement the desired features according to your interests.

  8. We are experts in developing any kind of dating applications.

  9. We can implement any feature on any platform according to your need.

  10. We already have extensive experience as we have worked with several clients and have delivered successful mobile dating applications. We have built the application on Android and iOS platform.

We are leading dating app Development Company in India. We can build secure, interactive, customized, fast and user-friendly dating applications. Just let us know your requirements and our developers would assist you in building dating applications at a reasonable cost. We are there for you. We build the app exactly that matches with your requirements. We can build any kind of dating app as we are experts and have extensive experience in building dating apps.  So, why late. You can contact us – Next Big Technology to get your desired app built.

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