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Compared to a normal E-Commerce Website which allows a single user to sell his products online Multi Vendor Marketplace allows multiple sellers to sell their products.

A multi-vendor commercial center alludes to an online commercial center business where in excess of a single buyer and seller start or lead exchanges. It goes about as an advanced agent that interfaces the two buyers and seller at a typical stage, making it advantageous for them to locate one another, scale their business, and oversee it proficiently.

In this business model store/commercial center owner and buyer however different merchants are additionally included. Storekeeper and vendors, both can be in the region of selling items. Here the storekeeper is the manager of the marketplace, yet the merchants can likewise deal with their particular items.

In the event that you look Google for the best income producing web based business stores, you will get names like Amazon, Airbnb, Wal-Mart, eBay, and so on. Every one of these stores has diverse plans of action yet they are all multi-merchant commercial centre.

Considering the popularity of multi-merchant commercial centers, numerous eager business visionaries presently wish to dispatch comparative stores like Amazon.

Because of the high web intrusion all around the globe, the eCommerce business has came out astoundingly. The retail eCommerce deals in the USA alone are required to reach $740 Million by 2023. A fascinating actuality here is that mainstream multi-dealer eCommerce organizations Amazon, EBay have almost caught 60% of the US eCommerce advertise. Likewise, in different nations the piece of the overall industry of Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and so on is high.

Multivendor Marketplace is an extreme apparatus to change over your shop into a completely working commercial center. Through this, you can add venders to your online store and monitor their deals.

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What is Meant by Multi Vendor or Multi Seller Marketplaces?

Multi seller commercial center permit the merchants sell their items by setting up a selective retail facade. The dealers can oversee coordination, stock, item augmentations, and so on at their own end. The proprietor of the commercial center can acquire a commission on the offer of each item or by the other income age models.


Types of Multi Vendor Business:

There are 2 types of multi-merchant stages:

B2B Multi seller business:

For bringing straightforwardness and remaining serious, a few B2B trade firms are putting resources into online commercial centers. Walmart and Alibaba are the notable names in the B2B eCommerce segment.

B2C Multi vendor Business:

These days, lots of ambitious entrepreneurs choose to invest in B2C multi selling websites. Amazon, Airbnb, and FlipKart are best examples.


How does a multi-vendor marketplace work?

  • Vendors register on the marketplace.
  • Buyers can choose and buy the products from their choice of the seller.
  • Admin can charge a certain fee on each transaction.
  • Payment is transferred directly to the admin account. After deducting his commission sends the remaining payment to vendor’s account.
  • Product delivery can be managed by both the admin and the seller.
  • In case of a defective product or any issue, the buyer can submit a complaint directly on the online portal or to the seller.

Latest ecommerce Website Features

Here are some of the top revenue generation models of a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace:

  • Google Ads
  • Banner ads
  • Commission on every transaction
  • Subscription based
  • Sponsored and features products
  • Monthly and/or yearly subscription fee from sellers
  • Affiliate programmers


Some popular brands that uses multi-vendor model

  • Amazon – B2C multi-vendor business model
  • eBay – B2C multi-vendor business model
  • Etsy – B2C multi-vendor business model
  • Alibaba – B2B multi-vendor business model
  • Wallmart- B2B multi-vendor business model


Why Multivendor Marketplaces are in demand

  • Wide range of products
  • Less pain and headache in management
  • Lesser expenses
  • No needs to maintain inventory


App Features

Latest ecommerce Website Features

Major features

  • Native Android and Native iOS
  • Push Notifications
  • Dashboard
  • Rating and review management
  • Integration with all major payment gateways
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-lingual support


Interactive Dashboard

  • Display sales for the tome period
  • Sales by locations.
  • View your Top selling categories and sub-categories
  • View your Top-selling products.
  • Latest orders and order details.
  • Check and moderate Reviews posted by the customers.


Product Module

  • Add new products.
  • Edit/Update listed products.
  • Delete products
  • Add Up-Sell & Cross-Sell products.
  • Add related products.
  • List of received orders.
  • View the status of each particular order.
  • For each order, view the – Buyer information, order information, shipping address, and the items ordered along with order details.
  • Generate the invoice, shipping slips, and to cancel the order.
  • Enter the order tracking number.
  • Send mail to customers with order details.


Transaction Module

  • View complete list of transactions.
  • View the transaction Information and Order Information.
  • Download the list of transactions in CSV format.
  • Filter the transactions using the transaction ID and using the date from and to values.
  • View the Date, Amount, Type of Payment, Method for Payment, and comment message for each of the marketplace transactions.


Invoice Module

  • Invoice and shipping slips.
  • Address and Tax mentioned on the generated invoice and packing slip.
  • Easily add your company information that includes the name, address, Tax, GST details.


Live chat

  • Sellers can easily discuss the queries.
  • Direct communication
  • Real time communication channel
  • Private and secure chat system
  • The seller will get quick replies which will make the marketing process faster.

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