We are discussing a range of App ideas you can use for your business, some are old by still effective and some are new. At Next Big Technology we are experienced in building Mobile Apps for all these below Ideas. Our App Developers are well experienced to convert any of these App ideas in to a eye catching and fully functional Mobile App for both Android and IOS.

Here are some App Ideas:

  1. Virtual Interior Design

Next Big Technology has developed similar Apps as per this idea. For an example you can develop a mobile application which will allow you to click a photo of your room and then try different interior design ideas in to it like changing wall colors, experiment with lights, curtains, furniture, painting etc.

It is a great idea for Interior designers or for a furniture shop or for painters they can use this App for getting new customers.

  1. Book Reviews and Recommendations

If you like to read books then this idea is definitely for you. Suppose there is an app from which you can take pictures of any book and you can get instant reviews and feedback about that book and you can also check similar book directory.

Our Team is experienced in creating review and Recommendation app for different products.  If you are looking to create a review and recommendation app then please be in touch with us.

  1. Virtual Jewelry Try-On

This app is completely Augmented reality based if you are looking to buy a jewellery for yourself then you always want to try it first how it will look on you this app will help you to choose and decide which Jewellery will look good on you. You can upload your picture and you can try different jewellery on yourself and it will help to make a decision for selecting jewellery for yourself.

Our team is experienced in creating augmented reality based applications. We have done similar kind of application and we can deliver as per your requirements.

  1. Application for Elderly People

This application idea is basically based upon elder peoples. Everyone who is in old age required some additional care and additional attention. This app is basically providing an option for them to plan their daily activities, reminding them about their medication, utility bills, ordering food online and getting different kind of products online etc.

  1. Barter Exchange App

This is a progressive idea as well, if you have things which you are not using, many time, we got things but we don’t use them, in this case, this App will be much useful. You can exchange items with other people’s things like clothes, gadgets, phones, tools, toys, etc.

Many of us own many things which we bought but never used or used for once, so why not exchanged them in place of other things which is in use. This case with everyone, and this app will give you option to exchange them.

Our team is ready to implement your ideas. Contact us now to discuss your Idea!

  1. Interactive Contact List

Everyone have accounts on different social networks, email providers, messengers, suppose we have an app which keep all your contacts, link of your all accounts, email address, messengers details etc. As time being proceed peoples will more addicted to different social media platforms and they have many accounts which they can keep track at one place, it like your purse where you keep all your cards and personal id’s.

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