Next Big Technology’s IoT Vehicle Tracking Software

Get the modern business ecosystem for the most powerful IoT vehicle tracking software system. Track your vehicle with proper utilization with completely increase productivity in a hassle-free manner.
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Next Big Technology’s IoT Vehicle Tracking Software

Internet of Things or IoT is one of the most revolutionary ways of communication with the industries which has lived forward from device-to-device interaction within a few seconds. This is a machine-to-machine communication that will provide the best possible service in the transportation industry along with the proper implementation in the traditional ecosystem. Next Big Technology’s IoT Vehicle Tracking Software will modernize the complete platform with properly operating, collaborating in executing with proper tracking of the vehicle.

Features of Next Big Technology’s
IoT Vehicle Tracking Software

These are the best possible features is being offered by Next Big Technology’s IoT Vehicle Tracking Software to the users.
Vehicle Telematics Tracking
Real-Time Vehicle Telematics Tracking
Live track your vehicles in real-time along with the exact pinpoint location with the integrated GPS device.
Fuel Tracking
Fuel Tracking
Easily track and monitor the fuel usage of every vehicle with advanced functionality in the app. This App will help the users to avoid unexpected fuel costs and wastage.
Speed Control
Speed Control
The app will also allow the users to monitor the speed limit with proper notifications being sent to the app. Advanced pieces of equipment can also control the speed limit to control it in an acceptable range.
Vehicle Usage Analytics
Vehicle Usage Analytics
Get the proper end-to-end report on vehicle utilization along with the number of trips, fuel usage, distance traveled, etc.
Driver Management
Fleet & Driver Management
Completely manage the entire vehicle and drivers with the customized vehicle management system. Monitor the movement of the vehicle, router setup, driver assignment, etc easily.
Native Applications
Native Application
Get the best coding for the leading platforms like iOS and Android devices along with web applications.
Multi-Language Integration
With the integration of multiple languages, you can easily get it to the global newly built by eliminating the language barrier. The app will give the option to select the customized language according to the preference of a user.
Vehicle To Vehicle Communication
Vehicle To Vehicle Communication
Another smart feature that is being integrated into the app will let the use of to communicate between the vehicles along with sharing alerts and various other information. Other information being shared are accident alerts, oncoming traffic, roadside support requests, weather alerts, etc.
Voice Recognition
Voice Recognition
The app is having an inbuilt voice recognition feature that will unlock the vehicle, along with properly navigating, Assisting with various issues.
Vehicle Maintenance Prediction
Vehicle Maintenance Prediction
The platform can easily predict the health of the vehicle according to various data collected from the vehicle such as driving pattern, vehicle usage, distance traveled, etc. The app will alert the handle of the device to have the proper maintenance report.

Software Solutions of Next Big Technology’s
IoT Vehicle Tracking Software

Next Big Technology is one of the best developers’ teams for app development services. We have listed all the software solutions of Next Big Technology’s IoT Vehicle Tracking Software Development.
Optimized Libraries & APIs
Almost every advanced API is being used to create the library to have a hassle-free experience. The app is having complete coverage from various IoT devices to have the efficient and smooth running of the app.
Numerous Platform & Protocols
Various platforms and protocols are being used to complete the development process of the app.
Device Management
Easily manage every device in real-time with clean communication across them. The device management serves the license along with adaptable and automatic provisioning.
Endless Data Storage
Store all the data in real-time which will give the complete control and ownership of the app. Access the data anytime possible according to the requirement of the user.
Cloud Code triggers, Functions & Jobs
Automatically get all the functions and the process data received into the devices through notifications. The notification can be received by social media, SMS, voice call, etc.
Custom IoT Dashboard
Get complete end-to-end customization based on the IoT dashboard. Easily remove and add elements by dragging and dropping the widgets. Get to analyze all the data from the dashboard.
Product Monitoring – Real-Time
Track and monitor in real-time along with all the connected devices to analyze the behavior of the user
Product Analytics
Complete product analysis will be collected from the devices to help the device to take smart action. This will enable artificial intelligence and machine learning to get the most predictive maintenance for the users.

Hardware Solutions of Next Big Technology’s
IoT Vehicle Tracking Software

These are the basic hardware solutions of Next Big Technology’s IoT Vehicle Tracking Software Development which will be ensured with every development.
Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radiofrequency identification is a wireless device that will help the user to access various controlling and tracking of vehicles. It is completely integrated with an IoT solution which will help you to control, manage and monitor the entire vehicle.
Global Positioning System (GPS)
With the help of a global positioning system track the vehicle in real-time with all the information regarding the route and the operation of the vehicle. It will also enable the app to get the complete driving pattern along with other information.
Onboard Diagnostics (OBD)
The onboard diagnostic device will help to give all the valuable information regarding the maintenance and the driving condition of the vehicle. It is completely integrated with IoT solutions to give the proper report along with the driving behavior, fuel utilization, breakdown frequency, etc.

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