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In the high technological and technical era, the technology internet of things plays an essential role. IoT has proposed smart initiatives for human beings to make their lives easier and faster.

IoT development services have enumerated the home and have a powerful potential to increase workplace productivity. It can transform the work into a digital business and helps to connect people on a platform from different corners of the world.

NBT is considered as one of the leading IoT software development companies that can change the way of living and business operations by making it a smarter place. Our extra-ordinary IoT solutions help you connect with the new world and collaborates with existing enterprises and start-ups to improvise the operational business and enhance the user experience.


Unite together the devices & internet connectivity

How IoT App Development is essential?

Powerful decisions to invest in IoT solution and services

Major Services of IoT App Development

Our team of experienced professionals serves you with the best and excellent Internet of Things app development to transform your business ideas into reality.


IoT App Development

An IoT App developer of NBT is well proficient to provide the high functional IoT app to our clients as per their desire to invade your offices and homes.


IoT Consultancy

Being one of the best IoT development company, we help you execute the activities of your consultancy business in the right way.


IoT Implementation & Support

NBT offers high-end support and maintenance services to the clients of IoT app and helps you operate the devices properly.

Application Development for IoT Devices

Our developers let your business interconnect with the devices and act according to the user.

IoT Gateway Development

IoT gateway allows calculating sensor data. Businesses can translate between sensor protocols before sending in onward.

Hi-end IoT Solution with Rich Architecture

Our experts offer you excellent & advanced features along with the best performance to the market.


Connectivity with Wearable Devices

Our IoT developers help you easily connect with wearable devices.

Backend & API Development

At NBT, you can access an API development to connect with the existing applications and lets you secure the data and facilities with a backend service.

App Security Consulting

Our team of expert developers provides a security consulting service to our clients for IoT devices.


Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

You can work on the voice instructions through our voice-enabled technology solutions.


Data Analytics

Businesses can enjoy the data analytics of an application and help you serve the user’s interest in your IoT solutions.


IoT Cloud Platform

Cloud platform helps you maintain the data and offers you a highly functional cloud platform for data storage.

Extensive working process of the IoT devices using hardware


IoT collects data as per their environment using Big data Machine Learning


Interconnect the devices via cloud including Low Power Wi-Fi Bluetooth, Cellular Satellite, and Wireless technologies.


Connect it directly to the internet.

Start processing it in a simple or either complex manner as soon as the data interacts with different platforms.

The user will then get an alert via SMS or mail as per their preferences.


Admin approves it to the user.


Users can interact with one another.


Enjoy the Live chat with the desired person.

How NBT is the top IoT App Development Company?

There are different reasons to choose NBT for your IoT solution and services

1. Experience IoT Team

Our experienced and skilled team of IoT team has provided various IoT hardware to the clients, as per their desire.

2. Support

The team at NBT is readily available to facilitate you 24*7 with their customer support services and clear out all your queries. Clients can contact us from anywhere and at any time.

3. IoT Connectivity

We aim to provide accurate connectivity to our users using hardware services like LTE, NFC, wireless, GSM Network, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc.


4. Latest IoT Technology

NBT works on the latest IoT technology and offers a solution on the trending modes like Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

Industry Focused Internet of Things Development Services

Our technical experts provide IoT Development Services with the latest technologies and tools for the following industries.




  1. IoT in the manufacturing industry can prevent wastage of energy.

  2. Less time consuming for humans.

  3. Chemical savior from a human being.
  4. Standardized management.
  5. Manages remote equipment.
  6. Capable of production expansion.
  7. Cost control & reduction.




IoT eradicates several challenges in the industry of agriculture.

  1. Production improvisation through IoT in the agriculture sector.
  2. Observe crop fields using sensors like light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture.
  3. Automate the system of irrigation.
  4. Diminish wastage





Commute the electronic industry via IoT

  1. Enriched Asset Utilization
  2. Production expansion in the firms
  3. Boost an existed appliance through wireless chips within the sensors.
  4. Homes have become smart homes




  1. Proposes smart lightning
  2. Influence growth in the economy
  3. Progressive operations
  4. Strengthen the transportation system.
  5. Management of public assets
  6. Guaranteed transport
  7. IoT technology has introduced a smart city.



  1. Superior experience distribution.
  2. Exhibits real-time visibility.
  3. Deliver automated warehouses.
  4. Trim the duration of carriage delivery.
  5. Expand fuel efficiency.




  1. Development in the safety of food.
  2. A thin layered supply chain.
  3. Enhance transparency in the food supply chain.
  4. Capture food chain.




  1. The logistics supply chain is converting into public transit.
  2. Business expansion in different ways




  1. Device management via remote
  2. Instant sign of a service failure.
  3. Monitor the food preparation.
  4. Expand the connectivity.
  5. Develop the engagement.
  6. IoT technology turn the hotels into staffless hotels.




  1. Recommends the smart heating system, refrigerators, connected security with other devices.
  2. Notification of an alarm system.
  3. Time and energy redemption.
  4. Get the recovery of resources.




  1. Offers patient monitoring device.
  2. Assist modern patients.
  3. Get immediate reports
  4. Tracking and alerts
  5. Secure the data
  6. Smart & modern speakers




  1. Benefits of IoT wearable to health status.
  2. Invent personal safety.
  3. Health improvements.
  4. Fitness tracking system.




  1. Fire alarm
  2. Interconnect different devices with the internet to send alerts in serious vulnerabilities.
  3. Get device protection.
  4. User can set time on the machines to make it work accordingly.




  1. Warehouse Management.
  2. Vehicle Maintenance.
  3. Track the traffic.
  4. Connect Infrastructure.




  1. Maintaining the loan arrangement verification through IoT.
  2. Implement auto loans.
  3. Guide the claim management of insurance.
  4. Maintain banking and insurance data.
  5. Send alert or essential information using mail or SMS.
  6. Interlink industries with banks to make lives simpler.

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Get an opportunity to work as an IoT developer on an hourly, full-time, or part-time basis. The development and designing team at NBT are well versed and experienced to bring the best outcome as per the market needs and business requirements.

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NBT IOT Process

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Today, addiction is on the rise and people are expecting things to happen in just a tap. With this, IoT applications have become crucial to our daily lives especially in hotels and airlines. NBT is one of the best IoT development companies in India to offer IoT App Development Services. You can access IoT healthcare solutions and IoT devices security, internet of things security challenges with us.

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