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Database Integration

An integration database is a database that acts as the data store for multiple applications and thus integrates data across these applications (in contrast to an Application Database).

On the whole integration, databases lead to serious problems because the database becomes a point of coupling between the applications that access it. This is usually a deep coupling that significantly increases the risk involved in changing those applications and making it harder to evolve them. As a result, most software architects that I respect take the view that integration databases should be avoided.

Database integration means that multiple different applications have their data stored in a specific database – the integration database – so that data is available across all of these different applications. In other words, the data is available between two different parties and therefore, can be easily accessed and implemented into a different application without having to transfer to a different database.

For business integration, Nextbigtechnology uses proven methodologies and frameworks to integrate functions, processes, data, and people, throughout an organization. Specifically, the unification and integration of business processes and data across the enterprise become more and more important due to the exponential growth of data.

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