Cross Platform Solutions

Cross Platform Application Development

The cost of Smartphone application development is way too high, and it goes higher when you have to create individual apps for each mobile platform. Better is creating the apps that offer the same degree of functionality regardless of which platform it runs over – Android, iOS, or Windows. The technique is called Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, or in other words, creating mobile apps that are platform-independent.

Cross-Platform/Hybrid app development allows developers to build Android, IOS, and Windows mobile applications using one shared codebase. No doubt, this will help you save time, money, and effort while building applications. Relatively, a shared codebase will decrease maintenance costs.
This approach provides the native experience as it uses native libraries and views. The main goal here is to abstract the business logic while supporting the differences in UI rendering between each platform.

-HTML5-based solutions using open source technologies
-iPhone to Android App Conversion
-Consulting and integration
-Cross-platform open source solutions
-Third-party integration with cross-platform apps
-Creating apps that run on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms seamlessly
-Android to iPhone App Conversion
-Custom app designs for individual platforms and cross platform+
-Cross-platform app maintenance and support

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