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Android Mobile App Development

Next Big Technology has a team of skilled Android UX/UI designers, developers, and mobile strategists who provide high-quality Android application development services. Our team addresses rapidly changing business and technology needs by building custom Android applications tailored to meet strategic business objectives using tools and languages specifically for the Android platform using the development tools and language that the Android platform supports such as Android studio, C, C++ HTML, CSS, Google Material, Java and Android’s Kotlin.

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system across the globe and also one of the complex ecosystems with a myriad phones of different dimensions, manufacturers, and form factors. Our Team Is Well-Versed In Providing Services From Android Specific Design To Android OS Customization

-Custom Android Mobile App Development
Android Game Development
-Enterprise Android Applications
-Android M-commerce Applications
-Android Social Media Applications
-Android Widget Development
-Mobile Application QA / Testing
-Android Support and Maintenance
-Android Specific UX/UI Design
-Native Android App Development
-Hybrid App Development (Xamarin, PhoneGap)
-Android OS Customization
-Samsung Knox Implementation
-Android Widget Development Services
-Android Launchers App Development
-Android App Porting/Redesign
-Android App Test Automation
-App Support, Maintenance & Optimization.

Our android engineers have a strong command of Kotlin, Java, C, C++ HTML, CSS that helps them to code top Android apps for the Android platform. Our Android mobile app development team develops an app for almost all of Google Play’s major categories, including Social networking, Travel, Utility, Entertainment, Education, e-commerce, and so on.

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